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What is spiritual awakening?

What is spiritual awakening? 1

What is a spiritual awakening?



Spiritual awakening and enlightenment is, in fact, the process of establishing a connection with one’s Spiritual Essence , which allows one to live without illusions, limitations and submission to someone. The path to this experience is already prepared for you in the Divine Stream – a joyful rhythm that leads to awareness of the meaning of life and the fulfillment of your mission.

Today, people mostly live, identifying themselves with the ego and guided by their own personal thoughts and emotions. If a person is afraid of something, he makes decisions based on this fear. If a person thinks that he is unworthy of love and can not even just like others, he can not achieve much in life. In this space of self-identification with egotism, people, things and events that we attract to ourselves do not really help us. Life is perceived as a struggle. Instead of the Divine Stream that guides and supports us, we experience something like seeping through the sand: every action meets stubborn resistance and we are constantly missing something …

This is human existence – and all because most people do not even guess that they can choose what to believe, what to think and feel, although many already understand that it is convictions, thoughts and emotions that determine them personal reality . And there is a great spiritual movement in which millions of people are looking for some new Truth that could become an alternative basis for our personal realities and self-identifications. This search for Truth should bring a person back to who he really is, in all aspects.

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This is an ecstatic experience of spiritual awakening . As his inner resemblance to his Divine Essence is restored , everyone naturally begins to attract and select people, things and circumstances that are close to his Higher Self . There is a shift from karmic magnetism to a state in which a person joyfully and painlessly attracts to himself only that which promotes spiritual development. In this space of Divine Flow everything serves the supreme good and the identification of oneself with the Divine Essence. We live in harmony with ourselves and the universe .

Gradually  dissolving his ego in the Divine Essence , we are approaching our inmost truth. We begin to trust the inner process of self-disclosure and healing, under the guidance of the Higher aspects of our individuality. We are discovering newer and more perfect tools for living in the Divine Stream .

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