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It is quite natural that occasionally we have changes in mood, a few days perhaps without knowing why we dawn moody, other times, we may feel that they do not understand us, we can experience decay, boredom and negativity in any aspect of life. But when we are constantly changing emotional state or worse, when the intensity of the imbalance is great need to examine as soon as possible what is happening with ourselves.

It should be borne in mind that in times of crisis, for example, the death of a loved one, a job layoff, a disease process, a breakup and other aspects so on, it is normal to have anxiety, fear, pain, anguish, sadness, confusion and other emotions. They are not only normal but necessary experience as they manifest themselves and let go of them somehow to make this energy does not accumulate in excess in our body. They can unburden healthily through writing, painting, exercise, tears, talk to someone you trust, etc.

In any case, emotions run thus end up being healed spontaneously and one day end up convincing yourself that maybe the pain was necessary given occasion, more suffering not because the latter is indefinite, prolonged and profoundly obscures the view we have of life, is where negativism prevails more strongly and in that case, misery becomes part of everyday life.

So, the emotional imbalance is readily occurs when there is an ineffective management of emotions: usually when the person has any feature in the extreme, for example, is carried away by impulsivity or inhibited chronically express what happens; or so dreamy that hard to accept reality or on the contrary, is so extremely “logic” and calculator that is unable to accept something that is out of this structure, its inflexibility makes you fall into repetitive worries unnecessary since that life it is gridded but there is constant change, sometimes not everything is what it seems and this can become threatening rigid person who has difficulty integrating the new into your inner self.

Some people try to be quiet, to cover up or mask negative emotions seek output ingest some substance compulsively (the more is the imbalance is no greater dependence on something external) and thus lead to addictions such as liquor, cigarette, a hallucinogenic drugs. There are people who fall into behaviors like debauchery, antisocial, compulsive shopping, addiction to gambling, dependence someone. Also, increasingly severe cases people can fall into deep depression, mental disorders and even suicide attempt.

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It is people who have a healthy structure of your personality and imbalances can be observed usually in different aspects of his life (rarely only one aspect only). The most common traits of people prone to these imbalances are left dominated by insecurity prevailing in their minds a lot of irrational, repetitive and harmful ideas, have very low frustration tolerance, are quite influenced by the environment, they costs take responsibility for what happens to them and have no self-control of his emotions, but are left to govern by them.

When changes in emotional states without apparent reason are frequent (sometimes is very euphoric and suddenly falls into the “penumbra”) and when this situation is bringing serious problems in relations with others or one ‘s health it is pertinent to seek professional specifically to address the situation and concrete help. However, remember that it is essential that the person commit herself to do everything in its power to stabilize and have a strong will. Pretending to do someone getting pressure is exhausting, unnecessary and definitely does not work. At the beginning you may not know how to do, but at least shows willingness to change, the path begins to appear before it. With small and simple tasks starts, but keep in mind that the more intense the imbalance, the longer will be the process of return to stability, the natural state or better still, inner peace.

You can always be better, always! And the situations themselves are not generating discomfort, but the way you face according to the personal resources you have developed or over your life. Unpleasant situations no one escapes at times, but how do you decide to deal with them ? This is not a matter of luck, race or social condition, as are famous people who have gone through great emotional upsets and are apparently happy and successful people.

For example: Owen Wilson, born in 1968, writer, comedian, producer and film actor, he studied English. He moved to Los Angeles to perform in acting. He was nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay in the film The Royal Tenembaums. He was also producer of the famous film “Good As It Gets”. But in 2007 he was admitted to a California hospital in the US after trying to commit suicide by slashing his wrists because of depression. It is noteworthy that also had drug addiction. Then he asked the media to be allowed to get help privately acknowledging that needed treatment. His intense emotional imbalance was associated with a break of couple. Not only he was separated from his girlfriend, but she realized that she had found another love, which was a difficult enough for him that cost him assimilate a lot of work done.

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However, then he resumed his acting work very successfully. Thus, for example, in 2011 he starred in the films “Midnight in Paris”, “Cars 2” and many others. In the same year he had a new relationship and became a father. Believes that what he helped move forward and overcome their emotional crisis was being next to their family and friends.

also is the case of Uma Thurman, famous actress and model, was born in 1970. Daughter of a woman also model and a Buddhist professor at Harvard University. At school he was an introverted young man who taunted by his great stature. They treated her like “the ugly class”. At age eleven was over 1.80 meters and shoe size was 42. As was too tall for her age and also very thin, at school threw stones also made fun of his name. All this made her into depression and only found some quiet time at the restaurant where he worked evenings washing dishes. He acknowledges that there was at least happy because nobody was throwing stones.

He had his first experience as an actress in school plays. His grades were average and was not doing well in sports, however other in the performance. Soon he enrolled in the theater group at his institute. There he discovered his skills as an actress and was gaining the respect of others. Also, he was offered the job model and so was becoming known more and more. Then, in Hollywood he was offered work on a film that became notorious all its beauty, at that time was barely 17 years.

Despite these rewarding experiences in your life, emotional instability have had a couple after another and each grow apart. In every loving relationship he lived many conflicts, including those caused by infidelity. On the other hand, also he presented insecurity when he said he did not believe how beautiful it was. He had a distorted perception of their physical, which made it look “ugly” and “deformed”, which will in turn generated a lot of discomfort.

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So, again falling into states of depression, anxiety and insomnia despite having a lot of fame and a brilliant career. This led to her having to take medication for it. She was nominated for an Oscar as best actress principal and winning a Golden Globe, but commented that no professional success could rewarding failure of their marriages nor the fact of being a single mother.

He was slowly returning to their emotional balance through your yoga practice. This has been accompanied by social shares of common good, for example, he came to participate in a campaign that was aimed at ending armed violence. Similarly, it has supported the Democratic Party and has made some donations to political campaigns.

As you can see, there is no single way to overcome emotional imbalances, but several options that adjust to a lesser or greater extent each and every individual.

But in general, practices such as yoga and reiki are focused on balancing the energy state harmonically influences body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Definitely, meditation should be part of the daily routine and go to the bathroom and eat because she is exercising not only the deep breathing that already relieves the oxygenate over the body, but because it takes the mind clearance of excess thoughts.

Another important point is to see in each learning situation behind. Focus resolutely see only the positive or what has helped me this experience helps greatly to go out of suffering.

Accept us as we are, accept what we feel, what we live and what happens understanding us that all this works in our favor because we “train” our emotional maturity, makes us more receptive and assertive and lower resistance draws unconsciously the situation persists.

Finally, to the extent that you’re remembering how valuable you are and why you are here (learn and be happy) reubicándote go on the route. This guide suggests you to be patient with yourself, that you avoid every kind of excess, that serenity is the state that must be potentiate because it gives him mental clarity and with her emotional balance, ie health and vitality to be increasingly full and happy.

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