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LUXURYoga – yoga trip to the Seychelles

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How powerful is meditation? 1

How powerful is meditation?

Meditation will help you succeed in life, business, sports and personal relationships. You do not need to be a scientist to understand one simple fact: the daily practice of meditation or conscious work on breathing will only benefit you. However, let’s understand, what is the specific benefit of meditation? Recently, we have already talked about its benefits […]

What Is Your Impression Of Transcendental Meditation? 2

What Is Your Impression Of Transcendental Meditation?

What makes Transcendental Meditation (TM) so popular is that it requires no special effort. You just need to allocate twice a day, twenty minutes of your time in a quiet place, to free your mind and trigger the meditation. Transcendental Meditation is defined as giving easy access to an unlimited number of reserves of energy, creativity and […]

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