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Principles of adequate nutrition

In the 70s there was experimentally grounded theory supply the Russian scientist Alexander Mikhailovich Ugolev term “adequate nutrition”.
The highest value Ugolev gave an individual the need for energy and plastic resources and ballast substances, ensure regular bowel cleansing (eg cellulose).

According to the theory of adequate nutrition, this individual needs depends on factors such as gender, age, region of residence, nature of work, the presence of harmful factors of labor and so on.. For example, a person needs ten times more vitamin C when he is sick.
Active workout power load elements increase the need for magnesium to five times. And in the heat requirement is reduced in the protein, but significantly increased the need for potassium and sodium.

adequate food laws

1. The law of energy balance.
The food should contain as much energy as is spending the human body.

2. The law of chemical balance.
a certain amount of plastic material necessary to maintain normal functioning of the body. Some of them are synthesized by the body, and a part should come from the outside, with food. For example, the ten essential amino acids, if they do not enter the body in the right quantity, disturbed protein synthesis, which in turn leads to various diseases.

3. The need for regulatory properties of the food, that is, the impact on metabolism.
For example, the amino acid arginine has a pronounced regulatory endocrine action, affecting the metabolism and the production of growth hormone.

Overall, the food must contain the required set and number of macro and micronutrients.
Particular attention should be paid to the presence of dietary fiber in the diet, such as fiber. It is not absorbed into the bloodstream and gives energy, but nevertheless need the body, as it has important regulatory properties. Firstly, fiber improves the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Secondly, being a prebiotic, it improves the growth of the intestinal microflora, which produces beta-globulins – messenger substances between the intestinal microflora and immune system. So, consuming fiber in the right quantity, we can improve the protective properties of the organism. Finally, the fiber has a sorbent properties: it absorbs the cholesterol from the bile, thereby reducing blood cholesterol levels.

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To ensure the availability of food all the necessary macro- and micronutrients, it is recommended to take vitamins on a daily basis, regardless of the time of year: the body, they need anytime, in any season.
Everyone who practices yoga, you need to consume enough vitamin C affects the synthesis of connective tissue.

Since the diet of vegetarians in little protein food of animal origin, an additional source of protein – e.g., whey protein.
You can make a cocktail of whey and buttermilk.


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