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Ayurvedic self-massage as self-care

Ayurvedic self-massage as self-care 3

When you want to enjoy the natural SPA without leaving home, make a relaxing Ayurvedic oil self-massage Abyanga.

Abyanga is a Sanskrit term that combines oil massage techniques used in Ayurvedic practices for purifying the body, balancing the doshas, ​​nutrition and moisturizing the skin, improve the condition of the joints.
Ayurvedic oil massage and lymph normalizes metabolism, improves sleep and calms the nervous system. 

Self-massage = love

According to Ayurvedic tradition, the practice of self-massage oil – it is an act of expressing love to your body.
In a literal translation from the Sanskrit word
sneha (स्नेह), which translates as the oil also means love . Heat oil fragrant and soft massage movements help to deeper acceptance of its physical form, with tenderness and gratitude to her.

History and use

In traditional Ayurvedic treatise Charaka Samhita states that ”
the human body, using regular oil massage, will not be affected even if accidental injury or hard work. Anyone who makes a daily oil massage, will be agreeable, strong, charming and almost invulnerable to old age, and all the parts of his body will be in harmony . “

Benefits abyangi huge – massage makes the body stronger and more resilient, has a pronounced anti-aging effect, removes toxins.

If you regularly practice yoga, daily Ayurvedic self-massage will be an additional tool for relaxation and body recovery after training.  

The choice of oil

According to Ayurveda, different oils have different effects on the body.

  • Sesame oil: highly valued in the Ayurvedic tradition.
    This nutritious oil moisturizes dry skin. Soothes and balances the

  • Coconut oil: cooling oil, which is suitable for skin prone to inflammation and acne.
    Pitta -doshu.

  • Jojoba oil: easily absorbed into the skin, jojoba oil is a natural antiseptic.
    Oil is also recommended for Pitta dosha.

  • Almond oil: it is light and fragrant oil is good for oily skin.
    Oil harmonizes
    kapha -doshu.  

three doshas

  • Vata consisting of the elements of air and ether wool possesses qualities dryness inconstancy rigidity.
    It has a cold nature.

  • Pitt contains the element of fire (and a little water).
    Pitta is characterized by aggressiveness, harshness, fat. It has a hot nature.

  • Kapha consisting of the elements of water and earth, Kapha different humidity, density, lethargy.
    It has a cold nature.

stages of self-massage

1. Heat oil

Warm oil is better absorbed by the skin.
particularly important for the cold season that the oil temperature is above room temperature. This will contribute to the heating of the soft and the best relaxation.

For self-massage will need a quarter to a half cup oil (depending on the dryness of the skin).
Pour the oil in a glass bottle and dip it into a container with hot water for several minutes.  

2. Correct technique

abyangi technique may vary, depending on the massage goals and your health.

  • Appease an unbalanced energy vata dosha help unhurried movements.
    Slowly swipe strong and relaxed his hands toward the heart to relieve anxiety.

  • Balance the stress and tension of fiery pitta help light soothing strokes, especially in the kidneys and loins.
    This will reduce the activity of the adrenal hormones.  

  • Stimulate lymph flow and to avoid stagnation in the body, caused by an excess of heavy and sluggish kapha energy, help deep and firm massage movements.  

3. Belly Massage

Distributing oil massage movements on the arms, legs and back, pay particular abdomen.
Here are concentrated all the internal organs. Abdominal massage has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, the correct operation of which, according to Ayurveda, health is the foundation of the whole organism.  

Use a circular motion clockwise.
Slowly move your hands from the right side of the abdomen, up and to his left. These movements are repeated direction of the internal muscles of the intestine, keeping peristalsis.  

4. Concentrate in stress accumulation zones

In the body there are areas that are in chronic stress due to the accumulated emotional stress.
This may be the shoulders, neck, waist, breast center, clavicle. Gently massage the area, watching my deep and slow breathing. With exhalation release voltage.   

5. Massage the scalp

If you have extra time, add to the home abyange oil head massage.
This soothing and pleasant treatment is helpful for hair. Head massage relieves tension and gets rid of the headache. If you do massage in the evening before bedtime, you can leave the oil on the hair overnight.

To wash away the oil, use ayurvedic powder for washing hair or regular shampoo, but 2-3 times.  

6. Foot massage

Active points on the feet are connected with the rest of the body.
In Ayurveda there are marma points system, which coincide with the areas of acupuncture and modern reflexology maps in many respects.

Pay particular attention to the sensitive and painful places on the feet, where the accumulated tension, stretching and gently pressing down on them.
You can use the map marma points or intuitively follow your feelings.

After the massage, put on cotton socks to stop the skin has absorbed the oil.  

7. Do not rush to wash oil

Some experts recommend the Ayurvedic oil massage after an evening wear clothes made of natural fabrics (so as not to stain the bed) and leave the oil on the skin overnight.  

If you do massage in the course of purification (panchakarma) or during an illness, or if to massage you feel very tense and depressed, about half an hour after the massage is better to take a shower, in addition to cleanse the body physically and energetically.
The oil has the ability to absorb toxins accumulated in the skin. This process of cleansing the skin lasts about 30 minutes, after which the oil starts to soak the skin with impurities.

In any case, after the massage, allow yourself to spend at least 20 minutes in any comfortable position to deepen the relaxation and skin nourishment.
Take care of your warmth and comfort at this time.

8. Oil massage and steam bath

Perfectly complement abyangu can soak steam.
Steam bath Russian or hammam allow magnify warming effect and relaxing massage oil, both before and after the session. 

9. Enjoy

Let the oil self-massage will be for you a special ritual in which you can teach your body the gift of love sneha-.

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