Yoga at home, a step-by-step guide from the heart

Do you want to practice yoga at home and do not know where to start? In this article you have a step by step will guide you to your beginnings.

Some reasons to practice yoga at home

A- To avoid shifts because the yoga center or gym left me far

B- To save money from classes

C To have my own schedule

D- In the place where I live no yoga is taught

E- To establish my own practice, as I ask my body

F- to reinforce and complement the practice of yoga that I do when I go to school

Whatever your reason, I am convinced that from today your practice will become even more aware, more comfortable, better structured, more focused. The consequence of all this knowledge applied to your regular practice, you can perceive in your day to day. Your mind will be clearer, your body healthier and you ‘ll be on the road to reacquaint yourself with the peace that is already within you . That has been my experience, so I have lived and also a large part of this community of MindYoga4U, who shared with me their experiences.

Tips to start your yoga practice at home

The first thing I say to you, you want to start, is that there is no one “right” way to practice yoga at home. However, I will give you a kind of guide, so that from there and your own experience, you can shape your practice.

Looking for a yoga mat or the like and sit on it. Each time you do, you’re opening a new research in understanding your body, your mind and your spirit. Note that every day your body is different, so each practice is unique .

Yoga at home, a step-by-step guide from the heart 13

These points which I will discuss below will help you shape your yoga practice at home with a sense of curiosity, joy and happiness :

1. Set your intention

The first is to set your intention to practice.

He spends the first few
moments on the mat to accommodate your body. Close your eyes.
Connect with your inner consciousness and establishes an intention . The intention may be for you or it can be for someone else if you wish. The important thing is that you feel in your heart the truth or the desire to want to manifest. Do it with joy.

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Ask yourself what you need from your practice of yoga at that moment and honor what your body and your mind are asking. Anchor your attention on your breath for greater awareness of the present moment.

2. Devote the time needed

Sometimes you think you “should” practice for an hour or more. But my proposal is that you give permission to practice a few positions only. If you feel you want to go, then follows. Performs each asana slowly and mindfully. Become aware of the transitions between each one and see what happens. Listen to your body, it will tell you if you can go deeper into the posture, or whether on the contrary, to do so. And of course, enjoy your practice .

One question that often arises at the beginning is what time to devote to each posture

When you start practicing yoga, stay in each position costs you more than when you maintain a regular practice.
I encourage you observe, and see what is the time when you feel comfortable in the position. However, as a general guide, you can start holding for 30 seconds, whenever you feel that you are not harming your body. Then you can gradually increase over time, becoming 2 minutes or more in each posture.

Always keep in mind that to maintain balance in the body, you must be the same time while doing the posture on both sides of your body, if it is a posture like the tree, the warrior, and so on.

3. Be kind to yourself

Please note that you are starting, and if you notice that you have a tendency to be critical, discard . Your body and your mind will thank you what you’re doing for them. Practice acceptance and compassion for yourself.

4. Keep a journal of your practice

Advice that might be useful is to write down in a diary what you do every day, so it can go by realizing your progress, plus you can use it at another time you want to achieve a similar practice.

5. Be present and observes

This is critical that you stay present and alert, watching your body and your mind.
Know yourself, accept yourself and do not judge .

You may wonder:

How is your mind and your body before practice?
What is your fitness and your mood now?

How do you feel at the

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6. Unwind

relax - yoga at home

Always the end of your session, relax. It may be in the posture of the body. Maybe at first you take a bit of work to fully relax your whole body, but over time you will go feeling the benefits, because this asana allows your body to dive into everything you’ve done during your practice, and helps you rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

7. Meditate

I often get comments from any member of the family of MindYoga4U, commenting on meditation on what it costs to meditate and even, who are frustrated by not being able to achieve it. Did you something similar happened to you?

Great advice, giving all yoga teachers who have guided me, is to meditate, meditate, meditate . In my opinion, incorporate the habit of meditation in our life is not easy, it requires motivation, discipline and effort. In addition, when we started there may be other obstacles along the way as mental blocks, bodily discomfort, boredom, sadness, maybe even suddenly you wonder what you’re doing meditating. But all this is part of meditation, and as a result we can to grow, and we can be increasingly aware, strengthen our character and our minds.

In this article I wrote about “10 Postures Yoga for happiness” the key point is that, meditation. As you will see graphically in the image below, always leaving time for a little relaxation also, as I said before.

Yoga at home, a step-by-step guide from the heart 14

The advice I always give is that if you too hard for you, then go slowly. Experience it for yourself. The first day just sit, breathe a bit and if you end it was enough. Perhaps the second day you want to stay longer. The first thing to do is the habit each day to intend to meditate. And I tell you something, whenever you try to watch, whenever you’re in the present moment, you’re meditating.

You may also rely on concentration techniques in breathing, singing mantras, visualization techniques and other tools that help you to be present in the here and now.

This is the way to go slowly gaining the benefits of meditation, such as a healthier, more loving consciousness with ourselves and everything around us, and greater happiness and well – being in our lives.

If you want to
know a little more about meditation, explained in a very simple way, I encourage you to see this article.

Extra: Love your yoga practice

Following all the above points, I am convinced that you will love your yoga practice at home. You’ll enjoy that much time you dedicate to you, for your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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How to structure your yoga practice at home

Other major questions that arise at the beginning, is indeed this, how to structure practice. In this article I have explained in details with the positions or groups of positions you can do.

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Well , I already feel happy because I know you’re going to start practicing yoga regularly at home, and you will receive great benefits in your life, and the people you love.

Thank you, as always, for your company in this way.

A hug of light,