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How to start again


There is a very beautiful poem, which he wrote a boy named Björn Berntsson Bachs, which is in line with this article. It is entitled “Walk the stars” and reads:

Today I can not lift my soul.
Today I would like to join
a flight of birds
and leave behind my past.

Go where the wind takes me,
as if God hold me in your hand
and lead me into the light,
leave this body, and fly
with wings of the spirit
to the highest peaks.

Stop living of lost illusions
in the ocean,
and live once and for all,
just being human being
who walks the stars.

Paul once told a friend named Ráez Alberto: “Forget everything you think you know and understand, because today when you leave this room, his head will give a 180 degree turn.” A Paul was diagnosed with leukemia a typical day, the to a lot of sport, and was trained in the discipline of crossfit. It happened in the overnight, but this young man of eighteen malagueño not see this disease as something negative, but as an opportunity. Returning to Alberto, who had a wealth of important recent problems, as the end of a relationship of seven, frustration in his job, lost his beloved dog … decided to pluck up courage and went to the adventure to follow his dream away from home, his brother called him telling him that his father, his young father was healthy, had died suddenly. In her depression and desganas against the life, being with Paul thought: “How could I be bitter when this guy can literally die tomorrow, and he’s here in front of me smiling?”.

Paul not only smiled at his illness, but he was grateful for it, since according to him, it was an opportunity to motivate people to use the time as he could and help many with the same disease. Alberto’s head, effectively turned over and radically changed the way you see your situation. He reminded that life is two days, and that the problems are important as you want to give them . He is youtuber and had been without taking his camera more than three months, but after being with Paul, who gave a lesson of life, rose from the couch and continued to make people laugh.

Alberto says and promises that when you find a reason bigger than your adversity, you’re capable of anything . He has discovered that her why is her mother, who every time uploader glad the day. Its why are his brothers, who have stayed at home to take forward the family. Its why are your friends, because when Alberto can no more, they are there to tell him to get up. Your why it is his father, who from heaven and every time you look at your child laughs, he also laughs. You also have a reason, a motivation that makes you get out of bed and say “Yes, so I want to live, so I breathe and see a new ray of sun through my window.” Search and find out why. Your dream worth, do not listen to those who tell you otherwise “you will never do that” they have not used one day your shoes, so do not deserve your attention. You do not have to seek anyone’s approval.

fort, as Paul used to say: “Always strong”. You are in this world to inspire seeing you. When Paul they were going wanting everything so hard to beat her illness, those nights of fever, hardly able to eat, vomiting … he was talking to himself “Come on Paul, you can, hold on a little more” ” Paul do not give up, you will leave this “” Keep fighting going and being less “. Like Paul you can every morning to say: “You’re going, you have the potential, you are worth” “It’s great mountain but bigger is your dream” “There is nothing you can do because you were born to shine” “My motivation it is my why, my why is bigger than my problem “” I smile to life, no matter what happens I always show my best version of me. “

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If you live absorbed what happens around you, if every day are focused on you, you think for example “There is shame I do not have money to buy this watch” ” I need to find this month job, because if not I will “” my kids steal my energy and I have no time for me “and think is normal when you do not know stories like Paul ‘s , or those of others who have a lethal disease. When you think about it , you realize that you already have everything, because to live in this life, all elementary, the only thing which can do everything else and you’ll be comfortable, is in good health. “If you do not have your health, you have nothing , ” said Paul Ráez once. When you prioritize health in your life, everything else ceases to matter . What do you say if starting today we give more value to be well, to be alive, to be able to walk, to move, to feel the breeze on your face, to have your family, or have a hand on his shoulder when you need?

Instead of being concerned about everyday things, begins to worry about the greatest gift we have, that to which we give importance once we’re losing: Please vitality. Focus only give the best of you, offer your hand to others, to be a support for someone, because that my friend, that makes your heart smile. That’s what will be the end of your days, you will not keep objects with the new fridge you got, bag, shoes, watches, precious car, jewelry … In the end will your life experiences and what you have done to support someone, the love you gave, or the tears comforted. And ultimately, it will be the memory or not having enjoyed everyday of your life.

There are times in life where you have no strength for anything. Or to get out of bed in the morning, showering, combing, and even open the door when someone calls for fear of having to attend any responsibility. There are days when you just want to be lying in bed, watching television, or reading and eating all kinds of sweets and fast food. This is where some feel sorry for themselves because they were not giving it all that day. Other all kinds of insults lavished as “What I’m useless, another day of my life wasted” “Bravo, so I sink into the shit faster, I’ll end up like my father” “I’m a fucking bum.” Other people are flooded with thoughts of guilt and self-imposed obligations “should be like the entrepreneur, he did not give up and thus achieved his dream” “I should heed my mother and look for work every day,” “I should control my state mood “” Should I sacrifice myself for my children to have what I did not have “” I must be the best “” I must do sports “” I’m nobody if you do not look at me. “

Dude, you have to stop once to burden fulfill the mandates of your family, your mother, father, uncle, grandmother, society, books, magazines you read or television. Make a big “stop” on your way, in your routine, your expectations. You have to understand that anything that you think absolutely relevant has to be that way . Nothing is certain, as Einstein said, “Everything is relative , ” he realized that nothing had a universal truth, everything we see depends on the point of view of the person looking at that “something” for a person Waving is extremely important and for another it means nothing at all. For one person may be bad they have not called him for an interview, for another may be good that have not called him; bad in the first case because it believes that it has failed, good in the second case because it has the belief that there is a better job waiting for him. Time is relative when compared with someone who is having so much fun painting a picture, but another the same space of time seems eternal because it is bored as an oyster in his job. As the book says A Course in Miracles, “Nothing means nothing.”

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Ask yourself why you should follow the demands of your family or society. Ask yourself how you see life instead of following a pattern formed by others . Does that give you advice in your immediate environment has a splendid life to follow to the letter? Put into question everything, true to yourself, formate your own ideas. He is brave to say “I accept your point of view, but I have this other” “I agree to be like that , but respects my opinion and do not try to change me because if not our ways parted.” Yourself is genuine, is, follow your intuition, your inner speaks to you loudly when something goes wrong in your body: headache, rash, a bump, swelling, nausea … You’re saying that something has to change, which there is no, you have to fly high, you were born to be yourself, to deploy the parachute in the fall, to be an eagle, not a chicken.

No important thing you have to lose sleep. No obligations, just those that you impose yourself. Do you think you’re forced to keep your family, if you do not starve? ¿Forced to go to work because otherwise not earn a salary? ¿Forced to pay the mortgage because otherwise you evicted? And observes all obligations should think you have. Think of them, ponder this for a moment now. Do you feel good, relaxed? Do you transmit peace and harmony right now? Do you think something will explode if you fail a duty? Do you feel restless at this moment ?. Now think what’s the worst that could happen if you fail all should and self – imposed obligations and learned? For indeed, everything that you think is “drawer”, obvious, and absolute truth, it is learned . It was all a body of teachings that you imposed your parents, like parents of your parents imposed to yours, your great – grandparents your grandparents and so on. Dare to live without a measuring rule, except for the golden rule, which is what nurtures us peace and well being, which is to love everyone and respect others. Because when we need to love someone, we lack love towards ourselves, and therefore to life itself. Reflect on this famous phrase: “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.”

Why instead of living a life of obligations and duties, you do not live a life where you want to do things for themselves, and where you expect wonderful things happen? I encourage you to love what you do and hope that the force that created everything you care and you mime. He calls that force God, the creator, energy, all, the name you choose. What peace occurs knowing that when you let God take you in his arms, leaving your anxieties, your duties and obligations up to us just love life and hope in abundance around us. You may say “But Elijah is so difficult, if not I try, if I do not impose things I’ll never get my goals.” I used to live continually striving, going effort in effort to get a good income, the dream life, the new house, travel … Until one day I realized I was doing many things but did not enjoy anything. He was a perfectionist, and until we have a task made no rest. I stood in front of computer and looking for the perfect business. He was frustrated frustration because nothing of what he did gave me fulfillment. Until one day I got fed up and left all businesses being undertaken to devote myself exclusively to what he loved, which is to make recordings using my voice, and write, in order to motivate people who need a helping hand on her shoulder.

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I did not know what would happen if I used just to do that, but I was doing something that gave me peace of mind and motivation. Just said “God, I’ll do what comes from my heart, I leave it to you what I’m doing, thank you that you love me and have given me overabundance”. And you know what? It was the best decision of my life, I liked so much what I was doing I learned everything about regarding this kind of business. I even contacted a publishing house in Madrid because they had noticed me after seeing me on social networks this editorial I signed my first book contract. It was so amazing what happened to me that whenever I think about all I have only words of gratitude to God. I did all this with love, focusing on helping people genuinely seeking encouragement every day. God rewarded me greatly therefore fulfilling my goals.

Like me, you can in your privacy to say “God, I’m so tired of all of my should, of my duties from today I will begin again, this time doing what I have in my heart”. Maybe it’s crazy, maybe what excites you or what you love does not have job opportunities. Maybe your hobby is to teach canaries speak and think is absurd because your father laughed at you. But just do it, is the best teacher of birds in the world, takes a genuine talent in you. As Wayne Dyer said, “Do not die with the music still inside you.” If you just like to run, is the best runner in the world. If you like dancing, is the best dancer. But it leaves you, nor is it to compete, it comes to be what you are. That comes from within, not from should not voice your mother telling you “You have to be correct and have a normal job” or magazine hairdressing entitled “famous model was a nose to look most beautiful “and your thoughts telling yourself” I should also look better. “

Get off the train ordinary, in which the great mass of people assembled, and board the train to the extraordinary, where only a few dare to look at themselves and their unique virtues, and not please everyone and follow a fictional false perfection and happiness of being distressing. Be yourself, do that to illuminate your face, begins a new life if necessary, salt to explore the world, changing environment, do different things, buy more ice cream, stop or even your meal schedule, researches, expands your mind, open yourself … Be love and builds people. Live without obligations and should , put in God ‘s hands what you do, what you undertake, your family, your dreams and just loves everything, do things because you want to , because you know you have a force greater than you, who gives you what you need, which gives you plenty, peace, serenity and fulfillment.

In short: Today begins your wonderful new life.

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