I is the One Who steals your well-being and Takes you away from the life you want … Will you allow it?

Stress away forever

How many times have you contract breathing, squeeze the jaws, frown, and clench your muscles?

Millions of people, even inadvertently do this every day … And they do not know it is that it is the physical representation of stress.

You know what is the cause of 80% of the diseases that exist today?

Not only that, but many studies have put on the table figures really give a lot to think: 43% of adults suffer from stress, and between 75 and 90% of visits to doctors are for related queries.

We are all exposed to it , absolutely everyone … And so it will until you learn to create a shield that allows you away from your life forever.

But for that you must first know what the consequences are and, most importantly, what level of stress in you to zoom out before it’s too late.

Can you imagine living relaxed, always cheerful and optimistic, with better memory and greater intuition, self-confident without losing patience even in extreme situations?

When there is no stress, nothing alters your peace and well-being … And what many people do not know is that zoom out can be much easier than you think.

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You’re just one step to know all the answers.

That bomb called STRESS

He is the one who steals your well-being and takes you away from the life you want ... Will you allow it? 3
We’ve talked about stress, but you know something more about it: never appears alone, but is accompanied by an army willing to fight to the end to achieve its objective consequences.

And this objective is to disturb your peace and harmony, alter your state of natural relaxation, away from all your purposes and become an easily irritable and prone to depression person.

Did you know that all that shortens life, it damages your arteries and affects your brain?

Poorly controlled stress also causes dry mouth, difficulty breathing, headaches, muscle tension, hair loss, sudden mood swings, stomach pains, exhaustion, anxiety and loss of energy.

In addition, the heart accelerates, it stops digestion, muscle tension increases with risk of injury, the immune system weakens and your peace and harmony were forgotten somewhere that begins to stay too far.

And all this does turn away completely from the life you want for yourself and make your day a place that too often need to escape.

It is normal that at the time we live we stressed: the rush, pending tasks, our hectic lifestyle, the continuous bombardment of information, negative experiences, fear, unexpected in different areas of our lives … Everything influences to we’re stressed; and really there are too many causes as to remain outside it.

But the good news is that all this has a solution , even if it is vital that before you know what your stress level.

1 to 4: What is your stress level?

We are all exposed to stress does not mean that all have the same degree of stress and fatigue.

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When you lower the stress level, the easier it is to learn to handle it … But whatever the case, you should know that it can.

Would you like to know what stage are you? It is the first step to push him away forever.

– Phase 1: The first phase of stress occurs when a person loses his ability to adapt to stressful situations, either because they are recurrent or last too long.

The first symptoms that appear are: insomnia, constant tiredness, body weight changes, dry mouth, weight gain or loss, headaches and neck …
You have two or more of these symptoms? Then you know you’re in Phase 1 of stress.

– Phase 2: When stress persists, it affects the sense of belonging and ability to learn is seriously affected with all that that implies.

┬┐Take longer to heal your wounds? Do you feel apathy, your memory worsens, you feel a certain way or depressed’re craving salty things?

If so, welcome to phase 2.

– Phase 3: This phase is further involved the heart and heart problems can begin.

Emotions begin to collapse and we all have the ability to enjoy life is relieved by the problems, which in turn are magnified.

Sound familiar? It is also likely that besides some signs of earlier phases, in phase 3 feel anxiety, irritability, collapse against new stress, constant victimization or suffer skin lesions.

– Phase 4: In step 4, stress becomes the center of your life.

This is where the identity becomes a collection of diseases, you limit yourself to survive and lose the meaning of life.

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In Phase 4, when stress and his army have already invaded part of your health, you usually have heart problems, inability to sleep without pills, cognitive disorders, low resistance to infections, hypertension, chronic fatigue and osteoporosis among others .

What stage of stress you think you are? Whatever, few Put remedy before!

He said the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer that “Health is not everything, but without it everything else is nothing” .

The truth is that once you learn to manage stress, everything changes forever and your life becomes better and better.

And before we finish we would like you to answer a question: what causes you stress?

What stage do you think you are?

Leave us a comment below this article why you have stress, and in the coming days we will be sharing you the way to get him away forever.

If you want to know how to melt your stress, I suggest you read this page in detail.