To form a Couple is NOT to Obtain the Half Orange |

To form a Couple is NOT to obtain the Orange Half | 3

Through some books, movies, soap operas and the social imaginary has sold us the idea that we need the companionship and love of another to be filled, so that the “better half who we are” is completed. All this reflects a misunderstanding of love, in which we are supposedly incomplete beings and require another to feel happiness, creating among other things, a state of emotional dependence. The truth is that we have always been endowed with an inexhaustible make our lives the best of them, to make our journey through the land a unique and wonderful experience from our own personal resources potential. So we ourselves who must take charge of our own emotions states and create happiness we long for. Therefore, to form pair in the healthiest way, it becomes necessary to do so with the awareness that the other is not to fill our own internal voids, but only “share” what he or she take it, and we also share what we have to offer from our being. But sharing freely is not the same as provide or give to the other, ridding it of responsibility for what he should give himself.

On the other hand, some people may choose not to mate and take a path different life, which must be fully respected and in no way by not having couple has lost self-worth and sense of life . Many times simply has not come into our lives the right person, then you have to trust that everything is given in the right place at the right time. We must never force the desired situations or anyone to reign blessings in our walk. Some, for example, instead of choosing to mate choose to be alone temporarily, others make many excellent friends, others are given to the care of their parents or their children, others to social work, etc., what they filled with immense satisfaction and in these cases also is only possible to provide him with inside, if it’s love, of course that is what you have to share, if you is anxiety and low self-esteem, rather than give love , they will demand and joys are depending on the behavior of the other, thus creating a very vulnerable, unhealthy and frustrating relationship.

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Note that is the path you have chosen to travel, it is important to always tell deep in your being with strong self-esteem that leads you to believe in yourself, in that you can be happy for your own. It is here, therefore, where thoughts we cultivate have high relevance: thoughts of trust and faith in what we are. Firmly love oneself is to recognize this fact and live accordingly. Therefore, I invite you to affirm daily ideas that you remember what great yourself that you are, how full or complete it is your essence and you already have everything to be happy, all you need is perhaps to contact more with that instance in you dreaming, laughing, he trusts, who lives alone, who loves, who perseveres, who is immune to changes in the environment, which is unconditionally joyful by nature.

Based on all this, form a grounded at maturity partner is not getting “better half” but walk beside another being, cooperating, sharing and enjoying each other what each carry inside.

Thus, even if you are single and want to have it, first of all should you work on strengthening your self-esteem, to actually pay your own happiness. You also need to heal the wounds, empty, unfinished business, negative emotions and all you feel you have affected over time. This will allow you to clean your heart so you can easily sprout him all the beautiful feelings which fully living together and grow together.

To strengthen your own personal development from now: read, instrúyete, meditation make one of your main habits and if you consider it necessary, seek help or counseling someone expert on the subject you are afflicting most right now. Always you find solutions while dispongas your mind and heart to perceive them, choose them, adjust your case and put them into action.

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Love in freedom, free from attachment, free of fear, demands, frustrations and excessive expectations is only possible when you learn to see yourself as the generator of your own well-being, as a being capable and deserving of happiness is say, when you learn to see with the eyes of love.

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