What image do you have of yourself?

What image do you have of yourself? 3When a person knows who he is, that person does not give up everything that has set itself, knows he deserves it. You know that the image you get from himself every morning responds to the correct picture. The fact is that not always the case. What image of yourself? We all have an image of ourselves, a mental fixation recorded, an image that we keep in our minds and reiterated again and again.

And that’s how our minds can coexist different types of negative images, these images are:

The prejudices.

Prejudice is a preview of a person or opportunity. Every image that you anticipate defeat is a prejudice.

The obsession.

Obsession is an image that is repeated, reiterated, is repeated, and the whole life revolves around that idea fixed. Sensations repeating compulsive and impulsive. disturbing images, stealing peace, tranquility, which does not allow the rest is deep.

If you always analyze everything, you begin to despair because of the concern you’ve gone obsession. There are people who after forty years after the facts are saying, “You know what he told me forty years ago.”

People who can not shake the bad living with these obsessional images permanently, no matter where they are, because those images accompany them wherever they go.

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Limiting thoughts.

Mental images are what we build ourselves daily in our own mind and obsessive thoughts and limiting us into believing that we are slow us worthy of success and to live in peace, happy. These limits may have put them ourselves or we if any constructed according to the image others had of us and we take them as their own.

When you do not want, always choose the negative for his life. There are people who say “Why do the worst jobs I always get to me?”, “Why is it always my partner mistreats me?” And that’s how we set daily limits.

Not having things.

It is one of the biggest limits we humans: “I can not reach this or that because I have no money,” or “because I have no car,” or “because I have no health” or “because I have contacts”, etc.

It’s a great myth! Because, as we have not reached what we want, and this is false.


Credulity makes you believe any living things and limited to not believe in the potential that lies within you.

My beliefs.

Belief is the impossibility limitation that tells you that you will never reach your goal. This is called paradigm, the idea that you think true and limits. Explanations and justifications, we tell ourselves trying to understand why we did not reach our goals.

Doing very well what is not necessary.

Doing what does not limit us. If I do the same as always, I’ll have the same results. The problems are not solved magically, so that there are solutions, we must make changes.

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What I accomplished.

It’s another limitation. What is holding us back is what we have. This is called “comfort zone”, “which reached”, “I have my business”, “my children”, “I’ve settled”, “I have adequate”, etc. Accommodation is the worst enemy to achieve the most important goal.

So much for the negative images. The most important goal you can reach is not money, not health, the most important goal is to change yourself.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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