Learning to Meditate: Everything you need to know

Learning to Meditate: Everything you need to know 3

Article by Monica Gutierrez Flores (Costa Rica), member of the Writers Silva Method Life program
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Meditation is an ancient technique of cultures of the East , whose purpose is to connect with the essence of our being; which is the pure soul, which connects us to the Divine. All in harmony with the material life and the plane Sutil.

When we meditate we seek to accommodate our ideas, quieting the mind but above all reach our natural state of being it is to feel love and peace.

Meditating is not a common rule for everyone, as there are different ways to get started in this practice.

I recommend avoiding expectations as “rise”, “feel or see something different”; just when we have to find it is that state of balance, peace and harmony to vibrate at high jingles that connect us with the Light, the source of all, the Divine, God.

Some simple meditation practices to start and make it part of our day:

1. Feeling freely (without a warrant) to do so; It is not an obligation, it is a practice of relaxation for ourselves. You can start doing at least three times a week, 10 minutes

2. Positions Can meditating sitting up straight (90 degrees) in a chair, in lotus position or lying. The key is the back straight at all times so that the energy flow. You can use pillows, comfortable clothing, including blankets, why? Because when we relax the body cools and is best to be comfortable.

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3. Location: It is recommended to be quiet inside the house, balcony or outdoor. What is important is privacy to avoid interruptions.

Now, we ponder:

We begin with deep breathing, inhale and exhale. Inhalation is life, the first thing we do at birth and exhalation is free, let go of what is blocking us energy.

This deep breathing is recommended breathing from the abdomen and exhaling through your nose too. While we will concentrate on breathing, Count 7 While inhaled, keep the air inside the lungs counting counting 7 and releasing at least 7 to 12.

Why so? By having the mind focuses on numbers and breathing, so after five times to do so in good conscience, then let it flow at their own pace; without influence her or once we are breathing properly begin to feel, we feel the heartbeat, skin, our etheric body and enjoyed it: be with ourselves.

Mind and thoughts:

Still in a state of presence and thoughts if we miss, we thank and let them go. This does not enter into conflict and maintain harmony.

If the mind is very active, we can ask what our next thought? Instantaneously there is not a single thought at least for a few seconds. This is a positive mental form of self-control and work to silence.

We may be covered with golden light or a ray of golden light that enters our navel and runs throughout the body, we feel the warmth embraces us gently.

We see that light travels all our organs and cover all the cells of our body and can say my body is healthy and in perfect condition.

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This light will shine from the inside out more illuminating your body and aura. We ended staying with eyes closed a few minutes and open slowly to rejoin our usual world and accept it with love and we thank Existence.

Writer: Monica Gutierrez Flores (Costa Rica)