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Can I know some meditation for oversleeping?

Can I know some meditation for oversleeping? 7

Meditation to fall asleep

Nowadays, many people have trouble falling asleep for the night. For some, it’s because they think too much where they have their heads full and for others, it’s their body that does not relax enough.

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Can I know some meditation for oversleeping? 8


When all the external factors are controlled (place of sleep, food, evening activities, …) one can proceed with a technique of meditation which will allow us directly to reach a deep sleep .

To sleep well, prioritize a deep sleep

When we sleep in deep sleep, our mind can sort through all the information it has received during the day . In this way, we wake up in the morning in shape and ready to start a new day. Otherwise, if we do not get a deep sleep at night, our mind can not clean up all the events that happen during the day. Thus, these accumulate and our mind becomes overloaded. This overload exhausts the person; and when a lack of deep sleep is repeated daily, this normally leads the person to stress. This can even translate into anxiety and even lead in extreme cases to depression.

Taking sleeping pills (or alcohol or even other drugs) helps us fall asleep at the moment, but these usually prevent us from reaching a deep and restful sleep . Thus, we wake up more often than ever, still tired and lacking energy.

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When we fall asleep naturally, we can program our mind to reach a deep sleep at the Delta wave rhythm ; sleep that will be restorative and recuperator. We will be in better shape in the morning, it is assured!

Can I know some meditation for oversleeping? 9

Environment and habits to check

Before you start using the meditation technique in this article, please check that your environment and habits are conducive to sleep . Here is a list of some factors to check:

  • Have a comfortable place to sleep (good mattress neither too soft and neither too hard, comfortable pillow).
  • Imperatively do not eat at least 2 hours before sleep.
  • After dinner, do not drink coffee, tea or beverages that contain caffeine, caffeine or sugar
  • For a deep sleep more specifically: do not consume alcohol, marijuana or other drugs (in any illegal way) or sleeping pills to fall asleep. These can help us fall asleep quickly, but often they prevent us from reaching a truly deep and restful sleep. If sleeping pills are prescribed by your doctor, please check with your doctor before stopping use.
  • I invite you to do physical activity only during the day and not – especially intensively – shortly before bedtime.
  • What are your activities before bedtime? Avoid occupations that stimulate the brain , such as watching television or playing video games.
  • Also, avoid the screens to limit the reception of blue light at night that would keep you awake
  • Do not keep electronic devices near your bed because of the electromagnetic waves that can be emitted.
  • Make sure you have a simple and calm decor in your room , because your body and your mind feel the room in which they are. Do not have too many objects. This includes books – think of children who have a library full of books (or even toys) that can unwittingly keep them moving.
  • Schedule your bed as the place to sleep and not a place to read or look at your phone. That way, as soon as you go to bed, your body knows it’s time to sleep. Lovemaking is not against proscribed.
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Techniques for falling asleep: Practical exercises

It is suggested not to deliberately try to fall asleep while meditating, so as not to create the habit of falling asleep during meditation . For this, the practical exercises below will ensure that you (and your brain) distinguish sleep from meditation.

meditate to sleep

Visualize a deep sleep

We can use a method of self-hypnosis that is comparable to active meditation , that is to say, use our thoughts in our favor. During the day, during a meditation, you can program a deep sleep by saying these sentences in your head : ” From this night, every night, as soon as I lie in my bed to sleep, it is easy for me to fall asleep quickly in a deep sleep . “We can also add:” Every night, I sleep from the evening until the morning in a deep sleep and restorative and I wake up in the morning of full form with a smile on my face! 

At the same time as you say these sentences (with your own words), you can visualize yourself sleeping deeply and peacefully . See how peaceful and comfortable you look. These visualizations permeate your subconscious.

The door of sleep

This meditation will guide you in a deep sleep. So you can use this technique when you are ready to sleep. You can lie down in your bed with the intention of falling asleep .Can I know some meditation for oversleeping? 10

The last step of this technique, step 7 , will distinguish between meditation and sleep . You can read these steps before beginning your meditation to familiarize yourself with the process, then do the visualization with your eyes closed and at your own pace.

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Steps :

  1. Close your eyes .
  2. Breathing with intention: inhale the calm and exhale the tension out of the body (at least 3X).
  3. Bring calm to every part of your body , from head to toe.
  4. Imagine descending 10 steps to your peaceful garden or other resort .
  5. Say to yourself: ” At each step, I become 10X calmer . “
  6. In the peaceful garden, you can spend a moment to feel like the environment is quiet. Explore only the nature and colors around you.
  7. Somewhere in your garden, there is the Door of Sleep . When you open it, it takes you to a place where you can sleep. As soon as you go past the Gate of Sleep to enter this place, you fall into a beautiful deep and peaceful sleep .

I invite you to try these effective techniques for sleep: programming a deep sleep and the Door of Sleep. They have already helped many people who were once insomniacs! Make sure your sleeping place encourages deep sleep, then let yourself sleep even better than a baby!

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