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What are some tips and tricks to make Yoga practice more effective?

What are some tips and tricks to make Yoga practice more effective? 3


Yoga is becoming more and more popular among the people of Quebec. This accessible and beneficial discipline promotes listening to oneself while allowing the individual to understand his limits.

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What are some tips and tricks to make Yoga practice more effective? 4


The choice of the instructor : the first thing to think

Yoga is a discipline that is not protected and there is no universal training to teach it. As a result, everyone can be called a “yoga instructor”. Give preference to an instructor who has a lot of experience in his approach and who has often taught beginners. Research must be done seriously and according to your goals and expectations. Do not hesitate to ask an instructor if he is ready to modify his course according to the condition of his students (injuries, weaknesses, etc.). If the instructor is able to tailor their course to their group, this is a good indication of competence.

Yoga: succeeding your session

Even if the pace of a yoga session is progressive, you must keep in mind certain rules that will allow you to reduce the risk of injury while enjoying the session.

I respect my limits

Throughout the session, stay tuned to your body and avoid comparing yourself to others. This attitude can greatly reduce the risk of injuries such as muscle strain, because you went too far, or some muscle pain, because you tried a position that was too advanced.

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Yoga tips and tricks

False belief : some postures are dangerous and useless

All yoga postures have benefits, though some may seem more impressive than others. Therefore, if they are carried out gradually and within the limits of each individual, no posture is dangerous as such.

I use my deep musculature

In order to promote good postural alignment and good motion control during a session, it is important to always remember to use your deep muscle groups (the pelvic floor and the transverse abdomen). Yoga is also an excellent activity to work on this muscle group which is often the most difficult to strengthen. Good control and strength of these muscles is important in preventing injury, whether it is yoga or other activities of daily living.

I breathe

Breathing is an essential part of a yoga session. Your instructor should guide you by regularly reminding you to breathe, but also by telling you the right moments to inhale and exhale. Abdominal breathing is preferred instead of thoracic breathing.

Review : Learning from your session

Once the yoga session is over, it may be worthwhile to review your practice. This report allows you to see the points on which you have improved, the points that should be worked or the limits that you have exceeded. Take a few minutes to listen to your body. Are you in pain somewhere? Do you feel one area more than another?

During a yoga session, it is possible that some areas of the body work less than others. The assessment will allow you to realize it and to carry out some exercises of stretching or mobility if you wish to stimulate the parts of the body which were not it.

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The different accessories useful for yoga

The carpet

The yoga mat is a must in this discipline. It improves joint comfort during postures in support of the ground on the hands, on the knees, on the back or on the head. It is also non-slip which prevents you from contracting your hands or feet so as not to lose your balance. Given the function of the carpet, avoid using mats that are not intended for yoga or floor exercises, such as camping mattresses or beach towels.

The belt

The use of a belt can be advantageous for performing postures that require a large amplitude and flexibility. The belt allows more limited people to perform these postures without hurting themselves.

Example: when sitting forward in a seated position, legs lying on the ground, some people are able to touch their feet while others have great difficulty doing so. Do not hesitate to use the strap to allow you to reach your feet more easily.

The strap can also be used for some balance postures and also to strengthen the upper body.

The yoga block

This very useful accessory can serve as support or further the practice of a posture.

First, for sitting postures, the block helps keep the back straight and have a more comfortable position. As well as the belt, it is useful for people limited in their amplitude and flexibility and it can bear on a surface higher than the ground. It can also be used for some recumbent postures to help arch the column, elevate the pelvis, press the sacrum to help release it, and so on.

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The ball or roller

These accessories help accentuate relaxation and relaxation.

Everyday objects in the service of yoga

Many everyday objects can be used in yoga practice. A chair, a table or a wall can stabilize and perform more demanding postures. A mirror, for example, allows participants to correct their posture and observe the quality of their execution.

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