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What is the difference between guided imagery meditation and creative visualisation meditation?

What is the difference between guided imagery meditation and creative visualisation meditation? 3

Differences between Meditation and Visualization

Meditation serves to relax our body and our mind, letting go of memories, images, sounds, etc. without stopping them.

Visualization is the creation, retention and recording of positive images in our subconscious.

Visualization, unlike meditation, can be done anywhere, at any time of the day, and it does not require great concentration or relaxation, although these ingredients help.

What is the difference between guided imagery meditation and creative visualisation meditation? 4


Benefits of visualization:

  • It allows to move the mind away from everyday worries
  • Create a sense of well-being and inner peace
  • It helps to focus our lives in a positive attunement
  • Get us to attract to our lives positive experiences that we imagine
  • It does not require to have practice in the matter of meditation
  • Everyone has the ability to imagine
  • It serves to solve most psychological problems

But above all the visualizations we use to work individually on how to improve self-esteem, and especially what concerns us at this time: Love yourself, prepare for the future and achieve the proposed goals.

The effects of a creative visualization are immediate, a session of five minutes is enough to increase the endorphins of your body and take hold of the positive energy that generates a good day.

The visualizations allow us to develop our INTUITION.

John Grinder, one of the creators of the PNL (Neurolinguistic Programming) defines it this way:

“We can not let the conscious mind take care of things as complex as healing, change, etc. For this reason we propose to give a space to that part of the brain that is usually dominated by the right hemisphere to take charge of basic functions, the unconscious mind can solve the problem in an unthinkable way for us “

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“I understand illness as a lack of awareness when listening to the symptoms that happen to us, if we have a lack of awareness, we will have a lack of response from our organism.”

These words are fragments of an interview that was made to him as a result of his arrival in Spain to give a seminar on the new NLP code.

For stress management one of the most used techniques is the visualization of a special place for us, that place can be known as the beach that you usually go on vacation, or imaginary as the house of your dreams.

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