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What is the science of meditation?

What is the science of meditation? 3


The Webster dictionary defines the term “meditate” as “to enter into contemplation or reflection”. This is an accurate description of one of the effective forms modern meditation can take. It goes beyond the mystical method of seeking the ecstasy of union with the divine or with God for oneself. It transcends the goal of many modern meditations that emphasize the “peace of mind” obtained by separating the mind from all its normal functions, which often causes a sense of mental paralysis rather than peace. Thus the mind is incapable of recording, interpreting and putting into practice.

These three words probably give the most accurate definition of creative meditation – registration , interpretation and application . They involve mental activity, including cause and effect, contact with the source of inspiration, and the consequent ability to use and apply the fruits of meditation.

There is a method that is learned and that can be put into practice to obtain the concentration and alignment of consciousness towards the first source of spiritual inspiration – the soul. Everything begins with mental activity, not only that of the lower mind, which represents the faculty of analysis and direction, but also that of bringing the lower mind, consciously directing it, into alignment with the higher mind and the soul. A “thought-seed” contemplated in the light of the soul produces new thoughts, mental illumination, which the lower mind interprets and puts into practice.

Since meditation has to do with mental receptivity, it is essentially a means of channeling energy. Today scientists tend to agree on the fact that “everything is energy” – a fundamental hidden aphorism. The force of life that keeps all manifestation alive is energy; Consciousness is the response to the energy that infuses the hearts and minds of men. Thought directed clearly in meditation, with the mind remaining firmly in the light of the soul, is a scientific method of coming into contact with those major aspects of the life force that we call light and love and power , of interpreting them correctly, and of direct them, in the form of ideas and plans, in a specific activity.

What is the science of meditation? 4


Meditation is a scientific technique that can be relied upon to obtain results, if followed with care and precision. Although meditation techniques can be learned, the way to apply them varies from one individual to another. Each one must find his own way, since experience is what allows one to become an expert in the correct use of the mind, to align the consciousness in the energy of the soul and to learn how to give a correct expression in meditation to the abundant spiritual resources available in the toilet.


Prayer and meditation are two different methods of approaching reality. Both are equally legitimate and useful. The prayer is based on the concept of the Transcendent God , above and beyond the world of human affairs. Instead, meditation appeals to those who recognize God Immanent , acting within His creation. When we pray, we talk to God; when we meditate, we listen to God, or we let God speak with us.

The fundamental distinctions between prayer and meditation are motivation and means. Prayer is based on personal desire, and its results depend on fervor and emotional intensity; while meditation, is, or should be, motivated by the service to the Plan and the greater good for all humanity. Meditation uses the disciplined mind to get in touch with the soul and know the will of God.

Both prayer and meditation are invocative in nature. Both appeal to the spiritual forces for the release of energies in response to an expressed demand, and both methods work. Both are necessary because most of humanity is still centered on the emotional plane.

Meditation is practiced by those who recognize that divinity – the “Kingdom of God” – is within, and that the realization of God is a natural process. The disciplined use of the mind, combined with service to others, is the way to achieve this realization. “Christ in you, hope is of glory”, is a reality for the one who meditates.


The idea of ​​spiritual development has been associated almost exclusively with the religions of the world. Doing a “spiritual” job meant becoming a priest, rabbi or pastor, or entering a religious order of one kind or another. The church rather than the human soul became the guardian of the spiritual life. Today the individual is the guardian of his own spiritual life and is in the process of spiritualizing his material life.

While the religious postulates that God is everywhere, the scientist has discovered that energy is everywhere. The main problem that results from this relatively modern division between spirit and matter concerns the human condition itself. When spirituality is unrelated to ordinary daily life, inferior, material values ​​tend to maintain dominance; while to achieve better world conditions, human well-being and correct human relations, spiritual energies must condition values ​​and material life.

The word “spiritual” refers to attitudes, relationships, the advancement of one level of consciousness to another. It is related to the power to acquire a new vision and to see new and better possibilities. It refers to all the effects of the evolutionary process that leads man to progressively extend his sensitivity, describes the expansions of consciousness, the activities that lead to new forms of development. The discoveries of science, or the composition of some great work in the field of literature or art, are as many evidences of spiritual development as the experiences of the mystic or what the disciple records in contact with his soul.

The recognition of their own spiritual nature allows the individual to recognize the divinity in others and in all forms of life. By learning to think of others as souls, we begin to act accordingly. When each one progresses and acquires a more inclusive and compassionate understanding, it helps to elevate the human family and bring it closer to its spiritual destiny – the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.


Since the word “spiritual” is applied virtually to all fields of life, it describes everything that leads to greater vision, understanding, and integration with the various forms that life takes. Spirituality implies a sphere of influence and responsibility in constant expansion.

The key word in spiritual development is discipline . The soul can count on a mental, emotional and physically self-disciplined life. The first occasional contacts between the soul and the personality, propitiated by meditation, can increase in duration and intensity when the disciplined personality offers a channel prepared to be used by the soul. A careful discipline exempt from fanaticism of egocentric personality vehicles – vehicles that are states of consciousness – establishes a working relationship between personality and soul, leading personal life to alignment with the soul’s intention.

The discipline of daily meditation as a means to get in touch with the soul and to develop awareness and fusion with the soul, is one of the main means to spiritualize life on this planet and to help the externalization of the Kingdom of God.


The science of meditation involves the fact that the human being is essentially a spiritual entity occupying the form of a personality. The personality itself is composed of four vehicles or bodies: the mental, emotional, etheric and dense physical bodies. Meditation aims at the correct use and control of personality vehicles, their integration into a unified and coordinated whole, and, finally, the fusion of the integrated personality with the soul.

Each of the vehicles of the personality is the agent of a particular type of energy and experience, providing both a mechanism of perception and a means of expression. The mind , or mental body, distinguishes the true from the false, evaluates the facts and weighs the opinions and ideas of others. The mind plans and decides; It is essentially a creative mechanism. The emotional bodyit is the component of the personality that perceives and expresses feelings-love, hate, desire, aspiration, anger, or the great mass of other emotions. The etheric body is the energy body, which interpenetrates the dense physical matter and conditions it with the type and quality of the energy that flows through the etheric channels. The etheric body is the means of contact and response to the ocean of energies in which we live. The dense physical vehicle functions mainly as an automaton, responding to the thoughts and feelings that flow, as energies, through the etheric body, motivating physical activities.

The work of meditation is necessary to harmonize the faculties of thinking and feeling, to coordinate and integrate the mental and emotional bodies into a coherent whole, evoking the flow of energy that emanates from the soul. With the mental, emotional and physical bodies under the guidance of the spiritual purpose, internal conflicts are resolved and the integrated personality becomes a pure vehicle for the expression of the soul, a means of releasing a great light and more love in the world of human affairs.


The soul is the seat of consciousness and quality, the true servant, the disciple. The term “discipleship” defines the effort to live a life of service with its inevitable expansions of consciousness.

El alma es la voluntad al bien inteligente del principio amor, el centro de la fuerza espiritual a través del cual pueden realizarse los Planes de Dios. Cada forma de cualquier tipo, se trate de un átomo, un ser humano, o un planeta tiene – o es – un alma. El alma, o principio conciencia, aunque es idéntica en naturaleza en todos los seres humanos, varía en función del grado de desarrollo que ha alcanzado.

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The meditation student needs a source of practical teachings that he has confidence in and that he can test and apply to himself. Each expansion of consciousness, always initiated by the individual himself, allows him to express the consciousness of the soul more and more clearly and more accurately. There is a hierarchical “chain” in relation to the life of the soul, which relates to all those who are capable, to a certain degree, of expressing the qualities and principles of our evolving planetary life. Everything is interrelated and interdependent, from unity to totality, and the realization of any individual deeply affects the whole.

The human soul includes, but is not limited by the personality through which life is expressed. Through meditation and contemplation, and by the sustained purpose of the disciple, the soul enlightens the mind and inspires the heart, which in turn transmits understanding and wisdom to the brain. The psyche or soul, the subject that perceives or thinks, is the immortal, imperishable spark of divinity, the Son of God, the spiritual intelligence that is the real man.


The recognition of duality in human nature causes, over time, the intention to build a bridge or link between the personality and the soul, since the soul always seeks conscious union with the personality that is its expression. While aspiration can provide the motive, the actual work in the construction of the bridge takes place at the mental level, based on the ability to control the mind by means of the discipline of a regular meditation.

Meditation establishes the relationship between the soul and the personality. It is a cooperative relationship, ultimately leading to the fusion of the soul with the personality. The work is based on the simple premise that energy follows thought and conforms to it. The correct use of the power of the mind can achieve any purpose, good or not so good. Occult meditation involves a focused mind, the ability to visualize, the ability to build mental forms and use the creative imagination, as well as an accurate understanding of the purpose of the soul.

This type of meditation elevates the quality of life. Creates an enlightened path of relationship and communication between the subjective domain of the soul and its objective expression, the personality. As the personality adapts and subordinates itself to the domain of the soul as real I, it is, in turn, redeemed by the light and energy of the soul, and all aspects of life on the physical plane are irradiated and elevated.


Meditation is, or should be, a deeply spiritual experience that leads to a just relationship with God and just human relationships in everyday life. Essentially, it is the means par excellence of establishing an alignment between the different aspects of planetary life that, from the angle of consciousness and form, seem to be separated.

Creative meditation begins with an alignment exercise and results in a deeper, more extended and more sustained alignment between the meditator and everything around him. Alignment puts the different levels and states of consciousness “in line” with one another, or adjusts them correctly in relation to each other.

In meditation the alignment affects the mental body – the mind; to the sensitive emotional nature – the heart; to the etheric or energetic body and the physical self. When these components are integrated into a unit, they can be aligned, then, with the soul itself, the spiritual Self. This creates a channel of communication that links the brain, the heart, the mind and the soul; In this way, the vital energy of the soul, with its power to enlighten and inspire, can quickly move into activity, affecting any aspect of daily life.

In this process, the mind is the active principle. The mind sees, visualizes, concentrates the necessary energy and focuses the required attitude. Without being necessarily aware of the results obtained, the mind can act triumphantly as if the necessary alignment had been created. Constant repetition and focused attention provide the basic materials for construction.

Once created in consciousness, the essential alignment is always present, needing only a moment of directed thought to be updated as an active element in the relationship between internal and external life.


Meditation offers an alternative to the purely material values ​​of modern life. It is a means of harmonizing or resolving the apparent conflict between the material and spiritual aspects of living. Meditation is not an escape from reality, but a path to discover the true Self, the spiritual being, the soul. The basic objective of meditation is to enable the person to become, in his external manifestation, what is in his internal reality. Meditation leads, along the path of becoming, to the spiritual capacity to be, to know and to do. Therefore, meditation includes all the expression of life, subjective and objective. Its objective is the use of the mind by the soul in order to carry out actions in accordance with the plan established for humanity. Within this process centered on the Plan, the unit in meditation is stimulated and enlightened, and the true opportunity of contributing to the planetary evolution with the individual wealth that each contains in potential is presented. The true occult meditation is practiced as a service to the human race.

Today, the soul of humanity is in the process of taking control of the way of life of the personality. The long process that leads to the infusion of the soul of the race has begun. The practice of meditation can now serve to accelerate and carry out the process on the planet as a whole. In the past, cooperation with the planetary rhythm of meditation was, for a time, the service reserved for a few pioneers; Today, it can become a way of life for many.


The technique of meditation governs all expansions of consciousness, including the entire process of evolutionary development of the planet. It is the technique of spiritual contact and apprehension, the means of fostering the evolution of human intelligence, the capacity to love and the ability to put the personal will in alignment with the divine will.

Meditation is the most effective means to transcend the restrictive sense of separateness and isolation that imprisons human consciousness making it futile. It is the main creative agent on our planet. Meditation, in this time, has the power to change the conditions, invoke the higher spiritual powers, work with concentration – both vertically and horizontally – in the world of men and in the Kingdom of God. It is this vertical and horizontal activity that contains the secret of creative meditation.

The intention to serve humanity is the essential motive for all truly creative meditation. The expansion of the human mind is based on the ability to love and serve others. The final result in the consciousness of man is enlightenment, wisdom and the will to good, plus a growing capacity to cooperate in creative and redemptive purposes of our planetary life. Meditation, as a planetary service, is as practical as it is effective.


The path of meditation is very similar to any other path in which a trajectory is followed to reach a goal. And, as in any other path, the traveler may be presented with certain pitfalls. Meditation is not harmful in itself, but if it is misused or imprudently practiced, it can create personal problems for the meditator.

The best protection during meditation is simple common sense, and a balanced attitude. Common sense displaces all excess enthusiasm and fanaticism, as well as any concentration too rigid on the goal, which can lead to physical or mental fatigue. The sense of balance allows us to understand that the development of consciousness is a gradual progress in the long term, and that, therefore, the changes do not happen overnight. This avoids the discouragement that the neophyte suffers when the great revelations do not arrive as soon as he wishes.

One of the biggest obstacles in meditation and also one of the best known, is the case of the individual who gets to lose himself so deeply in his own subjective world that he tends to move away from physical reality. Meditation should lead to a well-defined expression of life. Too strong a mental effort or overstimulation can be corrected by the expression of mental experiences in facts of physical order. This can be done by trying to translate the highest views and ideas into a project or activity that can benefit others.

A second possible danger in meditation is that of emotional overstimulation. Meditation brings to the life of the meditator an increasing flow of energy that tends to accentuate both positive and negative qualities, bringing them to the surface where they can be clearly perceived. Each meditator is responsible for managing this greater influx of energy, must discover their own emotional weaknesses and strive to maintain a harmonizing focus of attention on the mental plane.

The meditation student should proceed slowly and cautiously. Anything worthwhile requires time and effort. The results obtained from a slow construction process will probably be more lasting than the results of a job done hastily in the hope of immediate success. The student should also try to be regular in meditation. Twenty minutes of daily work is better and safer than four hours of work done once a month.

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The safest protection is found in the service life. Meditation generates energy and inspiration. If this is not expressed in some form of service, congestion or over stimulation may occur. Service is the correct use of energy, vision and inspiration of the soul


Although meditation in its beginnings can develop as a solitary activity, like any other field of interest, the individual arrives, sooner or later, to be part of a larger whole that extracts meaning and purpose. Through meditation, man emerges to a state of consciousness shared with others, a state as real as physical existence, although characterized by different types of perception. The meditator finds a community or fraternity in the plane of consciousness. This is how he enters group meditation.

This does not mean that you have to meditate together in the same place and at the same time. The true meeting place of the group is in the mental plane, the plane of the mind.

In metaphysical terms, meditation takes place outside of time and space, but what is important in group meditation is the sense of a common focus and interest, of group attention on the object of meditation. The people who make up a group are united by a shared idea and interest, and not so much by a personal relationship. Groups can work together and meditate on many different topics, but the underlying theme, in group work, is service to humanity. In this way, the group plays its part in planetary life. Groups can work to bring greater light to human affairs and condition the subjective atmosphere of the planet. They work with energies such as light, love and goodwill, helping to release these subjective energies in daily physical life. Although these groups may be working to enlighten the human environment, they do not use force. They do not try, for example, to direct the energy towards the mind of an indidivudo or a group with the intention of changing or influencing them. However, they release light or create a subjective condition in which a person or a nation can more easily stay in the light of their own soul.

Participation in group meditation work often produces side effects on the people involved. As one works in group meditation, one gradually gains a greater insight into one’s own affairs, world affairs, and the nature of group interrelation. The meditators develop a sense of integration with their collaborators, as well as a sense of unity and identity with all who serve humanity. In the process, participants acquire an invaluable knowledge, that is, they learn from their own experience that there is a force for good in the world, that there is a Plan for human evolution, and that what they do in their own lives and that contributes to the service, it generates a change.


There is a gigantic group meditation that works in different phases on our planet. All the meditation units and all the reflective groups are related to one another through their unified spiritual purpose. That purpose is the service to the Plan for the promotion of human evolution. In this meditation, two major planetary centers or groups are working in concert with the human kingdom; one of them is the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet and the other is the New Group of Servers of the World. The Spiritual Hierarchy is known by many names; for Christians it is the “Kingdom of Heaven and of God”; in the East, it is the “Illuminated Mind Society”. That group includes those children of God who, along the path of evolution, have traveled farther than the rest of humanity,

Today, a growing number of men and women are beginning to be sensitive to the Plan and are working for its deployment. All are part of a subjectively unified group known by the New Group of World Servers (NGSM). This group represents a success in the framework of evolution, because, for the first time in the history of humanity, a substantial number of men and women are recognizing the role of the human kingdom in the continuity of life and consciousness on this planet. . Humanity remains a bridging kingdom between the Kingdom of God and the lower realms – animal, vegetable and mineral – and as such fulfills the task of the divine mediator. The NGSM mediates between the Hierarchy and humanity, maintaining a vibrant and radiant channel through which inspiration can flow.

The members of the NGSM may or may not be aware of the group as a whole or of the place they occupy in it. They are linked together by their love for humanity, by their constant effort to improve the human condition and to shape the ideas and principles that must find a universal application. Through the creative use of the mind, that is, through meditation, these men and women are able to penetrate the domain of the soul and bring out that divine energy so that it can be used by man. They perceive and adapt the Plan for humanity and help, with their meditative thought, to produce practical ideas that will serve the entire human race.

At the heart of this service group are those who use the technique of occult meditation to consciously align themselves with the Hierarchy and thus reveal the Plan to a world in need. All men and women of good will can participate in this period of such important spiritual transition. It does not matter what degree of spiritual development a person has attained; it can always help, in some way, to create a better future and, in doing so, become part of the New Group of World Servers.


Meditation at the time of the full moon is an important form of service. The full moon of each month is a period of intensification of energy and high spiritual activity; a moment of inspiration, of intuition and of greater opportunity to serve. Meditation at the time of the full moon is a technique to establish effective contact with the light and love currently needed in human affairs. At the time of the celebration of the full moon, it is on the opposite side of the earth and away from the sun. This allows the full, direct and unhindered relationship between the earth and the sun, the source of our life, our energy and our conscience, which symbolizes the relationship between the human personality and the soul. The full moon time is the high tide of spiritual energies, both on the planet and in the world of human thought. Those who choose to serve in this way, undertake the mental work of redemption and renewal, transforming and illuminating the inner atmosphere of human consciousness. It is necessary to align subjectively with the planetary group of meditators, both to carry out the scientific work of this field, and to protect the person from possible overstimulation. The participation of people from many nations increases the effectiveness of this service work, through meditation; the group is larger than the sum of its parts. It is necessary to align subjectively with the planetary group of meditators, both to carry out the scientific work of this field, and to protect the person from possible overstimulation. The participation of people from many nations increases the effectiveness of this service work, through meditation; the group is larger than the sum of its parts. It is necessary to align subjectively with the planetary group of meditators, both to carry out the scientific work of this field, and to protect the person from possible overstimulation. The participation of people from many nations increases the effectiveness of this service work, through meditation; the group is larger than the sum of its parts.

At the time of the full moon, the influx of spiritual energy is enhanced by the focused thinking of cooperative meditators. This produces several effects: it reinforces the subjective relationship between all the members of the human kingdom; It also influences the relationship between humanity and the other kingdoms that coexist on this planet. Straight human relationships are an indication of a correct relationship between man and man, and between man and God; This, in turn, clears the way for the emergence of a higher quality of life.

Each month, during the full moon, the sun is aligned with one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The signs indicate the quality of the subjective energies available, during that month, to be transmitted. In the annual cycles, humanity as a whole is exposed to the whole range of experiences. These energies and qualities stimulate the evolution of human consciousness; the zodiacal energies can be used by all individuals.

Conscious work with these different types of spiritual energy brings inspiration and ideas within the reach of human minds and hearts. Meditation, especially when performed in a group and subjective way, stimulates a new factor in human consciousness – a growing spiritual maturity . This broad planetary work of world service contributes to the task of spiritually civilizing the planet Earth.


The science of meditation is based on working with subjective energies. The experienced meditator can, in his meditation, cooperate with others to distribute such energies, where they are most needed, through the power of thought. The primary energy, underlying all life on this planet, is the energy of the radiating love of God, or the One in Whom we live, we move and we have being.

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In the same way that the beat of the human heart establishes the rhythm through which blood circulates through the body, the energy of love flows through life with its own mode and rhythm. In the case of our planet Earth, the ebb and flow of love emanating from the heart of the Sun is indicated by the cycles of the moon. The moment of the full Moon is the high tide of the planetary flow, simply because the Moon does not interpose between the Sun and the Earth, but is directly opposite to the Sun. In the periods of full Moon, each one can participate more fully in the flow of divine love, since the flow of energy is, then, at its climax. Each full moon offers the possibility of being a conscious part in the great planetary process – the spanning current of energy,

Esta progresión comienza simbólicamente en el centro coronario planetario (Shamballa), el centro del propósito y de la voluntad del planeta, el centro donde se origina la voluntad al bien. Esta voluntad al bien es trasmitida como amor esencial. Desde el centro coronario planetario, la corriente de amor fluye hacia el corazón planetario, la Jerarquía espiritual. La Jerarquía es el Reino de las Almas, el quinto reino de la naturaleza o Reino de Dios. Está compuesto por quienes han pasado más allá de la etapa de evolución estrictamente humana, para entrar en lo que podría llamarse estado superhumano. La Jerarquía es la depositaria del amor y de la sabiduría del planeta, y formula el Plan de luz y de amor para realizar el Propósito de Dios y hacer avanzar a la humanidad.

As this flow of love reaches the Hierarchy, it focuses on a single point, the heart of love within the Hierarchy, the Christ. He is the living Christ, instructor of angels and men, the greatest of this great family of brothers: humanity. The Christ, remaining at the heart of the Spiritual Hierarchy, is the same great world Teacher that the great world religions know under different names.

From the Christ, the stream of divine love flows into the new group of world servers, a group of subjectively related individuals who work, each in its place and in its own way, to incarnate and give body to light and love in the hearts of men and women of goodwill throughout the world, those who are sensitive to love and to the idea of ​​right human relationships.

The flow of love emerges, finally, in order to find a physical expression, through different focal points by means of which the Christ can work. One of these focal points could be, for example, an important planetary center such as New York, London or Geneva, or an important world organization such as the United Nations.

This is the sixfold progression of the Divine Love underlying all meditation. From the center where the will of God is known, passing through the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet and through the heart point of the Hierarchy, the Christ; from the Christ to the NGSM who, in turn, direct it towards men and women of good will throughout the world and towards human activities on the external physical plane of life.

Each one is part of this living process. Anyone can become a conscious participant in this flow of love, in this subjective planetary reality that underlies the external world of things, or the One in Whom we live, we move and have the being.


Essentially there are two types of meditation: mystical and occult. And both are differentiated by their different techniques.

The mystical forms of meditation are based primarily on the sensitive and active nature of an intense desire for spiritual union, or for attaining some personal spiritual experience. This type of meditation tends to be introspective and self-centered. Hidden meditation, on the other hand, is based on everything that the mystical experience has been able to bring to take the idea of ​​meditation a step further. The aim is no longer personal enlightenment and inspiration, but the correct use of the meditation technique to serve the elevation and transformation of the human kingdom and the world in which we live. Occultist meditation is a method of cooperation in the process of planetary evolution and redemption.

Nowadays, when so many absurdities and inaccuracies are attributed to the term “hidden”, it is useful to keep a simple definition in mind. The occult is the science of the flow of energy and energy relations . Hidden meditation is a means of directing the energy consciously and intentionally from a recognized source, in order to produce specific effects.

Naturally, one can meditate with a purely personal aim, to acquire the facility in the contact with sources of powerful energy in order to use it for their own purposes, material or subtle. Energy, in and of itself, is impersonal. It can be used for both good and bad purposes. The determining factor in each person is motivation . If in meditation we try to channel the energies of light, love and will to good, these same energies bring with them their own protection against bad uses.

The most powerful energy available to us at the present time is that of love. The true nature of love is disinterested and harmless. If the qualities inherent in the energies we receive in meditation are not also a part of the meditator’s energies, those energies can not be transmitted safely and effectively. There is, then, a blockage, an impediment in the transmission channel that prevents or diverts the flow of energy and aborts its true usefulness. The true occult meditation depends on the quality, the motive, the state of consciousness, the spiritual condition and the definite purpose of the meditator.

Hidden meditation is a mental activity that requires a condition of alignment, that is, of union between the three aspects of the mind: the lower or concrete mind, the soul, and the superior or abstract mind. This alignment integrates the three aspects of the individual meditator, the spirit, the soul and the body, making accessible to him the spiritual resources of life, consciousness and form.

Through this alignment, the meditator is also linked to the vital principle of all things that live on the planet, and to the soul or consciousness of all manifestation. In this way, the alignment is double, vertical and horizontal. And this creates the basic form of all truly spiritual occult meditation.

Today, the most effective type of hidden meditation is called Raja Yoga, the “Real Science of the Soul.” A yoga is a disciplined path in order to achieve union or alignment, and a measure of control in some plane of consciousness. Raja Yoga uses the creative imagination, the art of visualization and the use of a seed thought to exercise and expand the mind in the world of meaning and meaning. Only by being aware of the meaning and significance of life can we function fully as souls in incarnation.

Raja Yoga provides the spiritually awakened man with the correct application of all energy and all available resources. The typical form of occult meditation of Raja Yoga could be formulated as follows:

First, find a time and place where work can be done without interruption or distraction. In the early morning is the best time, before the mind becomes concerned with the mundane affairs of the day. Daily regularity is essential.

Sit in a chair with a straight back, having good derriella spine, but with the body comfortable and relaxed. Put your hands, with your fingers interlaced, on your knees. Perform some slow and deep breaths, while the consciousness is emptied of everything that could cause anxiety and distract attention.

Raise awareness through the creative imagination towards a focal point outside and above the head. Consider that point as the lower mind, the analytical mind, critical, quiet and without movement, like a calm pool of light. Project a line of light upwards, to the center of the soul, seeing the soul as a bright sun, a radiant source of energy. This is the real spiritual Self .

Prolong, through visualization, the projection of the line of light in the direction of the superior or abstract mind, the inferior aspect of the divine Self. Maintain this alignment illuminated in the imagination by means of visualization. This should take only a few minutes.

Make a pause or interval, aware of the light and energy of the soul as the central point in consciousness. Thus, keeping the mind firm in the light, meditate for a few minutes on a seed thought, for example “May the soul control the external form, life and all events, May love prevail, May all men love.”

Examine, first, the words with the analytical mind; Afterwards, try to penetrate the real inner meaning. What would happen if the soul controlled all life on earth and if love were the energy that linked the entire human race?

Visualize, then, the flow and precipitation of energy throughout the planet, from the highest point of divine life to the lowest point of physical manifestation.

Stop a few moments to reflect on the ways and means of using the energies of light and love in all domains of human life, in all parts of the world.

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