It’s official – Medicine recommends Meditating

It's official - Medicine recommends Meditating 3

This news makes us very happy. We know that the celebration of meditation and science are increasingly hand. Here I attached a note that puts us happy.

“Meditation is already part of medical therapy”

More and more professionals prescribe and use it as a supplement. And treated from patients with neurological diseases to cases of Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

Focus on the present, not “hang” in the moments of the past or worrying about the future. In that state of meditation, the mind quiets, and constant practice has multiple health benefits: it reduces stress, anxiety and loneliness. Lowers blood pressure, and the desire to smoke snuff. It allows you to control chronic pain. It helps control anxiety and depression in cancer patients. From the evidence of these benefits in scientific studies, now doctors are also prescribing the daily practice of meditation.

It is not an “alternative” issue but a complement to conventional treatments.

One of the pioneers was Alberto LOIZAGA, clinical and psychoanalyst doctor, who was already using transcendental meditation when I was in the Hospital de Clinicas, UBA, and later founded the attitudes that heal Center. “We talk first with the patient, and meditation is used to realize the thoughts you have can harm both their physical and mental health. Sometimes burdens of the past, unresolved, because they spared no wounds or expectations are too anxious about the future. With meditation, you get dissolve these burdens, and focus on the continued presence, “said LOIZAGA Clarin. The doctor will host a free talk (in Columbia Foundation, Borges 2020, Capital, August 14 at 19 pm).


Another form of meditation is “mindfulness” or mindfulness meditation developed by biologist Jon Kabat-Zinn in the United States, which is the most stripped of religiosity accompanying practices in the East. “The number of medical professionals and psychology was expanded to apply mindfulness,” said Martin Reynoso, coordinator of mindfulness in Ineco, which receives referrals from psychiatrists and neurologists.

When making a daily practice, greater acceptance of human suffering as part of our existence is achieved, a fair attention, unreacted develops, and given more importance to this, “said Reynoso.

Also in the Alexander Fleming Institute offer meditation for cancer patients at Fleming Institute . “Meditation is learned as a tool in individual psychotherapy or group workshops that we organize.

Patients with cancer, -together with relaxation-visualization exercises and brings them back to have the feeling of life under control. The cancer patient usually feels that everything goes haywire at diagnosis. In addition, they are taught the practice to relatives of patients so they can feel better face the fact of feeling that also carry the disease, “said Nancy Ferro, head of oncology at Instituto pisco.

Meanwhile, the stress Medicine Service, the Municipal Hospital of San Isidro, offer meditation with monitoring of brain functions . “They come patients with heart problems, gastrointestinal, cancer, allergies, among others, and work on stress management. Attends is individually, but also participate in workshops where they learn techniques of psychophysical relaxation and meditation , “said Daniel Lopez Rosetti, cardiologist in charge of public hospital service.

“We observed many benefits: meditation reduces stress levels, anxiety, depression, there is clinical improvement in different diseases that bring patients to consultations” he added.

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Meditation on a good resource to suffering from disease, especially chronic. “When you have a panic attack or anxiety, teach them the practice of meditation allows you to focus on your breathing,” said Estefania Lafogiannis, ADINEU medical psychiatrist.

“From meditation, patients may find the cause of crises and connect with yourself. Then they can use the practice at any time outside the office when they are not doing well. “

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And you, Already started to meditate? Tell us your experience here and wait news we are preparing something special for all those eager to start.