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Yoga and health. 3 steps to correct self-motivation

At the heart of every difficulty lies opportunity.

(Albert Einstein)

Yoga and health. 3 steps to correct self-motivation 7

More and more people now realize for themselves the value of health as an essential component of social successful man, Homo karerius, and as one of the basic needs for themselves as individuals in general. And more and more people seek health is to keep and maintain, and not to treat the disease have appeared. Of all the systems that make it possible to take care of the body and form to a more harmonious interaction with the environment and preserve the health, yoga
has the most experience and techniques completeness, performance tools.

First, let’s deal with terms.
What is health? According to the World Health Organization experts (WHO), 
Health – a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Consequently, the system is aimed at taking care of health, must take into account all these factors, not only the aspect of the absence of disease. And that yoga is considering all these factors holistically and provides tools for their implementation.

Significantly, that even such a supranational structure and authoritative as the United Nations has recognized as the practice of yoga, and physical and mental health, proclaiming in its Resolution 69 / 131ot December 11, 2014 International Day of Yoga.
UN chief Ban Ki-moon said not only recreational value of the ancient Indian physical and spiritual practice, but also its ability to unite society and raise mutual respect. The resolution noted that yoga provides “an integrated approach to health and wellbeing.”

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It is interesting that in 2011, even in the US Army introduced yoga for soldiers.
The US military is struggling yoga techniques not only with obesity in men, but also develop the flexibility and agility, as well as coordination and reaction speed.

Yoga and health. 3 steps to correct self-motivation 8

Against the background of the use of yoga practices in the army up to major Indian airline Air India to introduce yoga as mandatory for its employees it does not seem surprising.
The company’s management cares about the health and safety of the crew and passengers. According to a representative of Air India yoga introduced in the training program, as it disciplines and also helps cope with stress at work.

Yoga and health. 3 steps to correct self-motivation 9

So, no doubt in choosing the system of care for their health does not remain.
But how to approach the practice of yoga, long-term to include it in your way of life? After all, the main difficulty for most beginners practice lies in the fact, to make it a regular and effective means. Here are three important steps needed to succeed in this.

Step 1: Remove neurotic motivations with the process employed

You should start with a thorough analysis of their beliefs and attitudes towards employment and your body, what motivates you to start practicing.
Following neurotic needs obviously lead to disappointment. If yoga lessons do you see a way to get attractive body as a tool of barter, “pump up the ass,” do the press “cubes” and use it as a competitive advantage in personal relationships or create an image of a successful member of society, you will not leave the state of anxiety. After all, someone necessarily be more toned buttocks and press even more relief. If you see in yoga way to become emotionless and experiences beyond the control, avoiding real solutions to existing problems, it is also a road to nowhere. Problems need to be solved instruments from the corresponding areas of life, and not hide behind psevdospokoystviem and unemotional. Such false motivations are many and they need to be carefully passed through a filter of self-examination.  

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Step 2. Setting long-term goals of development

Easily made even more difficult steps, when you know where you’re going.
It should be leisurely ponder and to register the desired results of the practice of one year, five, ten years. Yes, in the long term to see those beneficial changes in their health and life in general, which will bring you to a class. Articulate those aspects that will inspire you to practice regularly, to give energy to the next step.

Step 3 Preparation of pleasure from the process

 It is also necessary to add to the focus that kayfovo and brings pleasure in daily activities.
This way you can enjoy now, not only in the implementation of global goals. Suppose you also failed to completely resolve your issue with osteochondrosis, but the pain in the neck have less rotate in the direction it is already possible not all the housing, and only neck. Suppose that in the development of flexibility and mobility you have not yet come to full freedom of movement, but the laces had already tie a easy, without the aid of a bench. Pleasure from the fact that it turns out now, how exciting to know your body and its possibilities.

The road there is a walking steps.
And every great journey begins with a small step. It is important that he was right. I wish you a successful first step in the practice of yoga on the way to his physical and spiritual health.


Author: Anna Krupelnitskaya

Instructor Ukrainian Federation of Yoga

Instructor “Kaia Yoga” studio

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