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Secrets of the perfect yoga-nidra

In order to make the practice of asanas more effective, perfect to complete its session
yoga -nidry (yogic sleep). Yoga Nidra – a very simple and enjoyable technique of deep relaxation of mind and body, but for best results, is useful to know a few secrets.

Yoga Nidra relaxation technique called effortlessly.
This technique – the perfect completion of intense yoga workout. While physical practice heats the body, yoga nidra cools it by restoring the balance of activity and relaxation.

Yoga nidra eliminates the usual clamps and voltage, to get rid of repressed emotions and experiences.
This affordable equipment is often a link to go to the more serious practices of pranayama and meditation.

After practicing asanas, yoga nidra

  • It cools the body after intensive exercise,

  • It relaxes tense muscles,

  • It allows the nervous system to effectively use the results of the practice of asanas.

Proper preparation for yoga nidra

  1. It is not recommended to practice Yoga Nidra immediately after a meal.
    It is desirable that the stomach was empty.

  2. Comfortable and quiet environment.
    Nothing should distract you. It is advisable to turn off your phone, close the windows and warn the home, so they do not distract you during practice. If you have pets, leave them outside the room.

  3. Even on a warm day during Yoga Nidra can be frozen.
    Better to take refuge with a light blanket.

Independently and in a group

If you practice by yourself, you pre-select your favorite audio recording.
This may take some time. Voice should be pleasant to you and create a sense of trust and respect. It is believed that women prefer in Yoga Nidra hear a man’s voice, and men – women. Paul masters in this case is secondary, the main thing that your voice, allow the consciousness practitioner relax, letting the usual control. It is preferable to use a professional studio version, rather than recording a live group session, which can be background noise and interference.

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Practice in a group with an instructor is more effective.
The special atmosphere of the hall and the presence of other practitioners allows the mind to easily tune in to practice and immerse themselves in a serious process. Before class, choose a comfortable place, take an extra pad of softness and light blanket. In the winter, you may need a few blankets.

Secrets of Successful Yoga Nidra

  • The practice of Yoga Nidra is ideally completes the practice of asanas and any physical activity.
    Intensive training allows you to release accumulated stress, focus and calm the mind.

  • There in front of Yoga Nidra is not recommended.
    Tightly dined many risks sleep all nidra session. But hunger can also prevent relax. A good solution can be easily soothing snack, such as a sweet fruit in the summer and tea with milk and spices in the winter.

  • Place to practice must be calm, pleasant and clean you.
    During the execution of Yoga Nidra is better to lie on the floor, bed mat or blanket. The softness of the bed is generally not suitable for deep relaxation and adjusts the spine practitioners on an ordinary dream.

  • Take care of your comfort.
    If lying in shavasana you experience discomfort in the lumbar region, beneath the knees a small roller. This will allow the spastic muscles to relax. For many, it will be useful to put a blanket under his head. If you practice at home, make sure that you do not have constraining accessories (watches, rings), and the clothes never squeezes the body.

  • Yoga nidra is a practice of conscious relaxation, rather than a conscious effort.
    What does this mean? For example, at the time when you hear the word apple in your mind the image of an apple appears spontaneously. You do not make an effort to make it big, small, red, green and the like. The same thing happens in Yoga Nidra. Hearing the voice pronounces the names of parts of the body, it is not necessary to think, concentrate, analyze, try to represent the area or move them. Attention moves through the body naturally, following the lead voice. In Yoga Nidra practitioner no problems (as they understand our mind), is not a technique for self-discipline, do not work in the usual sense of the word. On the contrary, yoga nidra is a non-doing, it is an absolute presence.

  • If during Yoga Nidra distracting extraneous thoughts, this is perfectly normal.
    Do not try to suppress them. Just watch it, without analyzing and return attention to the voice.

  • If you are constantly falling asleep during yoga nidra, continue regular practice and not feel guilty.
    Falling asleep suggests that the body needs rest. After a while, the body make up for lack of sleep, and you can keep your mind awake.  

  • Quiet meditative music is not a prerequisite of yoga nidra, but helps many easier to relax and tune in to practice.  

  • After practice, allow yourself some time to lie on his right side.
    This activates the breath through the left nostril allow the body to be in a calm state longer.
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Successful practice!

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