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Asanas of Yoga – Kind of figure – Posture lying – Chaturanga Dandasana

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What forms of yoga burns the most calories?

Practicing yoga correctly can be an alternative to lose weight in a short time.¬†Generally, a professional is the one who guides step by step and especially if you are new or beginner. Yoga DVD for Weight Loss is very useful to do yoga and It is very much helpful to burn your fat. And this […]

Catering soothing Vata doshu

Vata – this dosha is dry and cold. Its soothing warm, nourishing, soft and easily digestible food. For Vata preferred salty, sour, and sweet tastes, as well as meals, yielding rest and satisfaction. Rules Ayurvedic food for people Vata: Predpochityte hot, nourishing, juicy and oily foods, limit cold, dry and roughage. Prefer sweet, sour and […]

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