You can learn to meditate and live better

learn to meditate

learn to meditate

Many people begin to practice meditation techniques without success and end up encountering a number of difficulties. But do not worry or give up because you can do it . If you want to achieve the much needed peace, it is time to learn to meditate.



When learning to meditate, some find they are unable to relax, even for a short period of time, due to excessive stress on the body. They find it difficult to control and maintain breathing properly or understand the techniques that are not well explained. Others are unable to empty the mind or disconnected from the outside world, leaving aside their daily problems. Some do not find a comfortable and ideal for meditation posture.
If you have some or all of these difficulties by learning to meditate , you need not despair because you can achieve and live better. Worth doing as the
Meditation is knowledge that brings greater benefits to your life than you can imagine, not only physical but also mental and spiritual.
Through life you accumulate high levels of stress and negative brain stimulation, hiding from your
conscious diverse skills that have always been within you. But to learn to meditate, you can get the best out of yourself , thus achieving a new level of inner peace.

Questions to ask yourself to start “loosing” those issues that prevent you practice meditation

Where you try to learn to meditate?

It is true that we can meditate anywhere, If any side! But this does not mean that when we are learning to meditate not need a quiet place to help us concentrate better. It is why beyond that many people recognize that try to meditate and either have a free moment, it is important that if you are in the period of learning to meditate, find a place with these two features: Do not listen to noises you lose focus and know that no one will interrupt you. After that nothing is too important, it is not necessary that you are in a mountain retreat or listening to the roar of the waves on a deserted beach.

When you try to meditate?

I usually ask: “What is the best time to meditate?” There is a moment in the day is better than another. Meditation is a practice that usually is individual and has to do with everyone, with the likes with how we adapt and what makes us feel comfortable.

My recommendation if we meditate before going to sleep do not fully reclined probably because we’ll fall asleep. If you do when you first wake up, it’s good to get up first, wash your face and then return to sit back and spend a few minutes to meditation.

When we first got our mind is still coming and going, from alpha to theta, which is a good time mara meditate, especially for those just learning to meditate.