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10 Reasons to Stop Sugar

10 Reasons to Stop Sugar 3

Throughout the world, the sugar content in many food products is the norm. People are sweet lifestyle that harms their health, even without realizing it. So what do we get along with the sugar?

1. Cavities

We eat a chocolate bar or drink juice, our teeth first come in contact with sugar.
A sugar is a major factor in caries, because It creates a plaque from the remnants of food in which bacteria multiply.

2. Destroys vitamins in the body

Fruits and vegetables naturally supply the body with all essential trace elements.
Such foods as sugar or flour, on the contrary, is taken away from the body’s essential trace elements and did not give him in return. In other words, they deprive the body of essential nutrients. In return for not giving anything, as it contains nothing but empty calories.

3. Sugar reduces activity

Empty sugar calories briefly raise blood glucose levels, the body for a short time a large amount of energy, but then there is a sharp decline.
It has already been proven by doctors that sweet doping reduces physical activity.

4. Sugar is addictive

It was found that sugar intake adversely affects both the physical and the psychological processes in the body.
Sugar is similar to tobacco and alcohol that makes people a pathological desire to consume it more and more, even when it is not no need to.

5. Sugar – the cause of many diseases

Many diseases are caused due to malnutrition, and one of the major harmful products is sugar.
Sugar clogs organism displays useful substance, wherein the performance is disrupted as the bodies separate, and the whole organism.

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6. lead to obesity

Man fullness in those cases when the body consumes more carbohydrates than it needs, as well as due to metabolic disorders in the body.
Sugar leads to both the first case and the second.

7. Cash costs

At the use of sugary foods we are spending money that could be redirected to a healthy diet.

8. It leads to bone fragility

Each product containing sugar outputs such an important element as calcium, which is essential for bone health.

9. Causes of Mental Disorders

It leads to irritability, anxiety, disturbance of attention, children’s whims.
This is due to the fact that sugar acts like a drug, making people dependent.

10. The development of diabetes

Diabetes is one of many diseases, the cause of which may be sugar.


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