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How can you practice Kundalini yoga properly?

How can you practice Kundalini yoga properly? 9


Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of (shakti) energy

undalini Yoga is a yoga form in which you release energy in the body by actively opening the chakras. Chakras can be described as different energy centers (wheels or distribution centers) in the body that are important for a good balance of energy flows in your body and therefore also for a healthy body and clear mind.

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How can you practice Kundalini yoga properly? 10


Yogi Bhajan (born in India in 1929) introduced the Western world to Kundalini Yoga. The reason that this form of yoga only so late in the world was because of an age-old secrecy obligation. Yogi Bhajan decided to share this knowledge anyway, and we can now share this knowledge with you.

Why is Kundalini Yoga so special?

Kundalini Yoga is special because it is a yoga form that delivers energy directly. Kundalini Yoga uses many breathing techniques, mantras and meditation forms. This makes Kundalini Yoga a very versatile yoga form.

Certainly if you also want to develop spiritually, the Kundalini will provide a kind of highway, where the other forms take the rural route more.

Can I immediately start with Kundalini Yoga?

This is at your current level of Yoga. If you are just starting out with Yoga, we advise you to start with Kundalini Yoga under good supervision. Kundalini Yoga is a more advanced form of yoga. For novice Yogi it is wise to first master a basic form of yoga like the Hatha Yoga . Later on you could possibly continue with Kundalini Yoga.

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Because Kundalini Yoga works a lot with opening Chakras, it is not convenient to experiment with this on your own. Provide good guidance. After all, this form of Yoga has been kept secret for so long.

For whom is Kundalini Yoga suitable?

Kundalini Yoga is particularly suitable for people who have been practicing Yoga for some time and who are looking for a deepening in Yoga. Also for people who started yoga and are touched in their soul. They feel for themselves whether this is a form of yoga that they want to practice. It is perfectly possible to make a new start towards Kundalini. Within this form of Yoga much attention is paid to breathing, meditation and the Chakras. This brings the Yogi into a more advanced stage of Yoga, which can be a nice challenge. In addition, Kundalini Yoga is also particularly suitable for advanced yogi who want to experience more energy in the short term.

Chakras and Kundalini Yoga

In the spinal column is the central nervous system of man, where a lot of energy is transported in neural pathways. All Chakras are thus located around the spine. Kundalini Yoga ensures that the Chakras are opened with the help of exercises. As a result, a lot of energy is released in the nervous system. You feel fit and energetic because of this!


How can you practice Kundalini yoga properly? 11Chakras and the consciousness centers

A chakra also represents a center of awareness. There are 7 main chakras, in which the lower chakras are closer to the matter and the higher distributes somewhat more energy. As the higher chakras flow better, there is also more interest in spirituality. For this it is necessary that first the lower chakras are open (not blocked) and controlled.

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Kundalini energy is a special form of energy. This energy is released in the body in a direct way. When a chakra has opened itself, the energy is passed through the body via the nervous system, this “spontaneous energy” is immediately felt. It is energy that is released when you open your Chakras. The release of Kundalini energy takes place by doing special exercises. These exercises are characteristic of Kundalini yoga.

How can you practice Kundalini yoga properly? 12

Experiencing the Kundalini energy requires patience, although this may sound contradictory with the “spontaneous energy experience”. The reason for this is that Kundalini can only release energy in a good way when the Chakras have opened properly. A good opening of your Chakras is for novice Yogi unfortunately a bit more difficult, it requires a lot of experience with Yoga to do this in the right way. Kundalini Yoga is therefore not very suitable for beginners in Yoga. If you have any doubts about this, first follow a number of Hatha Yoga lessons.

The lesson


The exercises in the lesson are based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and are not intended for completely free interpretation. As a result, the lesson has a fixed structure that is filled in by the teacher. You can see it as recipes in a cookbook. If you want to prepare the dish optimally, stick to the recipe of the cook (expert).

The lesson consists of preparatory exercises (warming up), a kriya, a meditation and a relaxation. In the lesson there is room for mantras and mudras, which support the meditations or the exercises. Each lesson is started with a mantra and ended with a mantra.


A kriya is a series of exercises, which are done in a fixed order and in a fixed number or specific time. These exercises are sometimes asanas, pranayamas, meditations, mudras and / or mantras. Also in combination.

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The kriya itself has a theme or specific purpose. So you can practice a kriya for creativity, for balancing the vayu’s, for the ego, etc. There are a large number of kriyas.


W here How can you practice Kundalini yoga properly? 13

The Hatha yoga chooses especially comfortable clothing, is called in Kundalini yoga to wear white clothing. Especially because this gives the aura (your energy field) more space. Attention is also paid to the energy around the head (especially the crown, the 7th chakra). For this it is advised to apply a white headband or turban.

It is also useful to use a yoga mat for the sitting exercises and meditations, often a sheepskin or other natural material is used. Also a meditation cushion and a blanket for relaxation is useful to have. A shawl (or vest) to keep warm during meditation or relaxation is also pleasant.

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