How to breathe to balance the body and the mind?

How to breathe to balance the body and the mind? 3

Article by Ivan Vega member of the Writers Program Silva Method 

Silva method to be happier at homeEvery time we talk about something that we take for granted: “It’s as easy as breathing” , however, most people do not know how to breathe correctly.

Generally breathe superficially what is known as thoracic breathing, chest rises when the air inhale and mainly occupies the top of the lungs, leaving a space “unfilled”.

Observes a stressed person, notice how your breathing is short, fast and shallow, consequently your heart rate increases and the body reacts causing a feeling of tightness in the chest, helping to gradually increase stress, unfortunately this type of breathing is the that most people do not realize the good news is that with a simple change in the way of breathing can change their mental and physical to a more relaxed and healthy state.

Abdominal breathing.

In Eastern disciplines such as yoga, martial arts and of course meditation is said that breathing is the door that allows us to control the body, abdominal breathing is done when air enters and exits through the up and down movement of diaphragm breathing air thus occupies the lower and upper lung so that, in this case filled entirely our lungs oxygen when breathing in this way is the abdomen which ascends and descends.

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Why learn to breathe?

Abdominal breathing brings many benefits since it takes a greater amount of oxygen to the lungs, when breathing in a superficial way get about half a liter of air, however, when practicing abdominal breathing can get up to 5 liters of air, which promotes the blood oxygenation benefiting all organs.

It also helps us to improve our mental state, our emotions are stored in the abdominal area so breathe correctly helps us to better process our feelings and contributes to the serene state we seek when we meditate.

Breathing exercise

1. Sit in a chair with your back straight and feet flat on the floor at the same distance as the shoulders.

2. Place your hands on the navel, relax your shoulders and chest.

3. deeply inhales through the nose feeling the lower abdomen expands the umbilicus

4. Exhale again put the abdomen imagine jalas navel to the column.

5. Make at least 20 breaths.

It is important that breathing is the abdomen which rises and falls, if it costs a lot then try to laugh, not a feigned laughter if not one of those heartfelt laughter that vibrated do all the abdomen and that may make it hurts the stomach after the not be used to using those muscles frequently, so this will relax the diaphragm and will identify the muscles that activate to abdominal breathing, plus free up some endorphins that will help you feel better.


Daily practice of abdominal breathing for a few minutes to teach your body to breathe properly, each makes you feel depressed abdominal breathing, it is both effective and simple method that can be used virtually anywhere.


By nature we breathe correctly notes a baby, notice how your abdomen expands and contracts, but as we grow we dive into the concerns of life and forget the correct way to breathe.

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You always remember that the natural state of the body is the health and well – being , every you lose that natural state is when you feel bad, simply restore normal conditions the body to restore his health, remind your body like breathing you will help to feel in balance.