Mind Control: Programming your mind to form new habits.


mind control and form a habitArticle by Ivan Vega member of the Writers Program Silva Method

Adopt positive habits involves forming new patterns of mental and neurological level, ie it involves reprogramming, if we schedule the right way then our chances of success rise very considerably.

This applies to any case and with any habits you want to adopt or change, keep in mind that progression should be gradual and the first 21 days are the most important to consolidate it, then I present a model based on meditation method that will help you program your mind and get new habits, if work has cost you adopt the habit of meditation exercise it is an excellent way to start.

Exercise Meditation for Mental Programming.

1. Place yourself in a comfortable position either sitting or lying ensuring that the spine is straight so that energy can flow properly.

2. Close your eyes and start breathing calm and relaxed.

3. Pronounce the following statement: “I scheduled to adopt the habit of (insert here the habit you want to create)

4. Make 5 breaths, inhale deeply and when you do it stresses every part of your body, then gently exhale and relax every muscle in your body.

5. In the fifth breath as you exhale relax your whole body full, completely aflójate during the rest of the year you’ll stay with the body as

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relaxed and breathing deeply and quietly, keep breathing until you’re at an optimum level of relaxation.

6. Once you find yourself totally relaxed as you would be if you visualize adoptarása this new habit, like you’d look like would speak, as I’d move, I would say the people around you, you think of yourself.

7. Once you’ve finished made the following statement: “I am now scheduled to (enter here the habit you want to be)

8. Visualize the small action that will realize today to form a new habit, for example visualize that you are opening the page you’ll read today that book you’ve always wanted to read.

9. Count from 1 to 5 once you get to 5 slowly open your eyes, become aware of your surroundings and can get up when you’re ready


Perform this meditation will take only a few minutes, if you have not yet formed the habit of meditating this will be an excellent way to adopt it.

Meditate after getting up before starting your day and you’ll be programming your mind for success early. Remember that during the first 21 days your goal is to form the habit, you will achieve this by giving “baby steps” doing small actions that help you gradually get used to the new behavior.

You can see here how to form a habit. 

After 21 days you will see how the new behavior becomes part of you, Congratulations has adopted a new habit!

Having a large calendar view and cross out each day can be very useful to strengthen programming your mind.

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“The common denominator of success is getting into the habit of doing things that those who fail do not like to do.”

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