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10 minutes Virasanas in the evening – against flat feet

Stop most people have a natural arch – an arch.
Flat feet is a condition of the foot, where the arch is missing, the entire sole touches the ground. It happens that the flat did not bother the owner. But often it is the cause of pain in the feet and even legs and spine diseases.
Virasana is a powerful tool for the restoration of the natural arch of the foot and the treatment of flatfoot.

Many people diagnosed with flat feet do not face the unpleasant symptoms.
If the weight transfer to the bare sole of the foot is fully pressed to the floor, but you do not feel no pain, having to deal with treatment of flatfoot not. In most cases, the arch of the foot occurs when the rise on your toes. However, take care of high-quality orthopedic shoes. For children under 5 years of flat feet are the norm.

Flat feet, making the foot hard, no natural flexibility, often accompanied by a feeling of discomfort in the legs, especially during prolonged walking.
The back is also subjected to excessive load. An additional risk factor for people with flat feet is overweight, so experts recommend to keep fit or to lose weight, to facilitate the work of the feet, if you encounter pain and fatigue in the legs and back. It is very important to choose the right supportive shoes. If it does not protect or support the arch of the foot properly, over time it can cause injury to the bones, ligaments and muscles.

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Ignore the painful symptoms during hard stops dangerous complications.
If you do not work to solve the problems it can cause:

  • inflammation of the soft tissue beneath the skin on the bottom of the foot.

  • Heel spurs, in response to a constant stimulus

Flat feet in children

Flat foot is natural for children up to five years.
The longitudinal arch of the foot is generated at the kid gradually.

If the achievement of five years, the child does not develop foot arch, you should consult with a pediatrician on closer inspection.
At an early age flatfoot therapy is most often solved quite easily with the help of special shoes.

10 minutes Virasanas in the evening - against flat feet 7

Yogaterapiya flat feet: standing asanas

During normal yoga practice when you do standing poses, is pressed into the area under the big toe and heel to the floor, deliberately raising the arch of the foot.
At first it may seem complicated, but soon stop muscles strengthened, reducing the flat.

Yogaterapevty recommend doing a small complex of standing asanas for self-treatment of flatfoot.
Start with Tadasany and Utkatasany with raised up his toes. Then proceed to Vrikshasane and Ardha Chandrasane. After –

3 Garudasana , Nataradzhasana . Complete practice Bakasany initial position (squatting) or Bhakasanoy (frog posture), lying on his stomach with the capture stop traction lifts.

Virasana against flatfoot

Form a right arch of the foot in adulthood is not easy, but the daily hard work is always rewarded.
Virasana – a powerful tool in yogaterapii flatfoot. Vira means a hero, a warrior. Stretching the instep, this
asana strengthens ligaments stop developing natural arches.

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Follow asana for 10 minutes every day before going to bed.
Sitting in virasane massage the soles of your feet with your thumbs, helping ligaments form the correct arc.

Asana is performed from a sitting position with knees bent and pressed against each other, and the pelvis is between stops.
At first, the situation may be difficult, especially for people with a tight stop. To alleviate the situation enclose under a basin support, lifting it off the floor. It can be a pillow, brick. As the stretching instep, you can go down below and then easily sit on the floor.

10 minutes Virasanas in the evening - against flat feet 810 minutes Virasanas in the evening - against flat feet 9

performance technique:

  • Bend your knees and sit on the rug between the heels.
    The soles of the feet expand upwardly so that the inner part of the foot wraps outer thighs. Keep your back straight.

  • Put your hands on top of your thighs, palms down.
    Keep a deep breath and pull the spine.

  • Weave your fingers, make a castle.
    Raise your hands above your head and turn the lock to the ceiling, palms, thumbs forward. Remain in this position for 30 seconds to minutes and slow deep breathing.

  • With an exhalation, relax, return the hands on the hips, straighten your legs.

  • During the execution of posture it is very important to avoid any uncomfortable sensation in the knees.
    Firmly squeeze the knees, pulling the thigh to her on the inner surface. If you still have pain in my knees, exit poses.

asanas effects

The pose cures rheumatic pains in the knees, and is very effective for the treatment of flatfoot.
Soft and uniform stretching of the ankles and feet muscles helps the gradual formation of the right arch. To achieve visible results require daily practice Virasana for several months. Posture gives relief from pain in the heel when developing heel spurs and regular practice makes it possible to get rid of them.

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