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How do you keep yourself physically fit?

How do you keep yourself physically fit? 1

Many people consider that yoga only serves to improve postures and relax.

What they do not know is that thanks to this discipline it is also possible to lose weight. Of course it will not be in large quantities, but it is an excellent way to reduce measures and especially to stay in the kilos you want.

Yoga has different branches. A lot more demanding than the others.

That is why many people manage to lose a few kilos when they begin to practice this discipline, which is very booming in recent times. So much so that there is not only a large area in the gyms for their practice, but there are places where only people who want to train in this modality and get back together with themselves.

If what you expect is to sweat the fat drop, squeeze your shirt and sweat out, this is not going to get with yoga. You must have it very clear, here it is more about movements, demanding positions and performing the exercises correctly.

Able you think that you will not be able to lose weight, but you will see that when you demand to perform the correct positions the next day you will feel some pains, because that means that the muscle was demanded, that it left its state of Rest or rest and the body begins to exercise.

Of course, like any other discipline, it is necessary that you accompany the realization of yoga with a healthy lifestyle , especially when it comes to eating.

No processed products , but bet more on natural and organic. Everything very low in fat, otherwise it will be very complicated.

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With this current rhythm of life in which there is less and less time for everything and things are happening in a very frenetic rhythm, it is important to get some minutes a day for yourself and yoga is fabulous for it.

If you add that you are going to lose a few kilos then much better.

For many people yoga is a way of life, which allows you to rediscover your spirituality, but no doubt that in a current world like we have there is something for everyone. Even for those who want to lose a few kilos and thanks to the continuous practice of this discipline it is possible to do so.

Yoga is not difficult


Achieving positions that seem impossible is one of the reasons why people sometimes distance themselves from yoga, because they do not believe they can do it.

What you have to know is that with the passage of time you will be able to do them. Like any other discipline there are several levels and the apprentices perform positions that are much easier and as you progress you can take risks with others.

Not only to make them, but to hold them as long as possible, which is where the secret lies.

This will be possible because you increase your flexibility (1) , balance and also the muscular strength that will help you tone your body, as you wish.

But those will not be the only benefits of yoga for your body, but we’ll tell you that later.

Yoga is so versatile that depending on what you want, you will find the perfect type for you.

It is always important that in addition to researching different types of yoga, ask in the gym to which you are specifically working.

Instructors tend to put their personal touch and add some degrees of difficulty.

This is precisely to meet the requirement that your clientele has, that beyond looking for a place to relax, you also want to get fit.

For example among the types of yoga there are:

  • Ahstanga
  • Vinyasa
  • Hatha
  • Bikram
  • Bhakti
  • Japa
  • Jnana
  • Karma
  • Try
  • Spade
  • Raja
  • Kriya
  • Sahaja

The first two styles will help you get fit, lose a few pounds and feel good about yourself.

In some cases they are called fitness yoga and what it does is combine several styles of yoga.

While the third is for beginners, if you have never practiced it, it would be ideal for you to start there.

Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yogaBeyond losing weight, yoga has many benefits for the body and you should get the most out of it.

This discipline is ideal to perform a couple of times per week and combine it with cardiovascular exercises , as it complements its action. But doing both will allow a great complement since one benefits from the other and you can achieve your goals much faster.

But without giving much more laps we go with the benefits offered by yoga.

Muscular strength

Making all those positions requires that we have strength to support our own weight and above all to hold you as much time as possible until you achieve perfection in the posture.

With the passage of time you will notice that your muscles will be better formed. What you do have to know is that there is no immediate result, it is something more long-term. But you will show off a very stylized body.


Thanks to the realization of the exercises or postures that you have to do, it will help you to win in balance.

Better coordination

With the passage of time you will gain in dexterity and better realization of the postures.

This will also help you in your daily activities and even if you do other types of exercises, you will do it the right way, taking good care of the forms and improving your results.

You work all the muscles

Do you want to know how many calories you should eat?

We tell you how many calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates you should eat according to your goal.

One of the great benefits of yoga is that it is able to exercise your entire body, because in the end you use all its parts.

All the muscles that make it up are demanded.

Not only are the arms or legs, but everything as a whole, since you must flex, stretch, so you will feel the rigor of the effort.

Greater concentration and memory

Normally yoga is performed in closed spaces, without much noise, except for some very soft instrumental background.

If you do it in the open air you get a better connection with nature and listen to the singing of the birds. Thanks to this you gain a lot in concentration.

And in your daily life you can do your tasks and obligations better, because you can concentrate much easier. You will also remember everything better, thanks to the episodes of calm that you will take to your routine.

So do yoga once a week, but having better cerebral oxygenation, everything will flow better.

You win in flexibility

This is one of the greatest benefits that yoga leaves in the body.

Because thanks to the completion of each of the exercises you feel that your body is “stretching” to get the correct posture and achieve the goal you have drawn.

With the passage of time you will see that everything will start to come out much easier. If you practice other types of exercises you will realize that the requirement will be much lower.

Improves the cardiovascular system

By exercising and getting out of sedentary life, yoga allows your heart to be much healthier. Thanks to the movements you make you will put your body in harmony.

If you accompany it with a healthy diet , your entire cardiovascular system (2)will thank you. Also if you suffer from blood pressure (3)

You release stress

Not only in the minutes that you perform yoga, but in your daily life you will feel much more relaxed (4) , since it will allow you to see everything with much more calm.

Reencounter with the inner self and breathe properly will have a very positive change in your life. It also avoids episodes of anxiety (5) .

Goodbye to insomnia

Thanks to the release of stress and that you perform exercises in which you demand your body, at night you will be able to sleep (1) much better, your mind will relax and you will fall into a very deep sleep that will allow you to recharge your energies to face your routine the next day.

Improve your digestive system

In part because of the good nutrition you have and because you move your whole body, allowing a better bowel movement, you are going to say goodbye to flatulence, gas and constipation.

All this is achieved by yoga because it allows your body to be in harmony. Not only will you feel good on the outside seeing your stylized body. But inside your organs are going to work perfect and one of them is the stomach, which many people dismiss, but it is very important to have good health.

Who can do yoga?

The best thing about yoga is that it can be done by all types of people, children, adults and also old people, each with different degrees of difficulty, so they will not have any problem in carrying out the different positions.

In the case of the elderly it is very good for your joints, since it is very low impact (1) , because you do not have to hit any surface hard, such as running or when using a gym machine.

We recommend that you look for a place that is truly certified and that has the best instructors. Due to the postures that you must perform a wrong movement or not having the correct guidance can lead to a serious injury.

The back and spine can be compromised and it is best to prevent.

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