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How do I get my body in shape?

How do I get my body in shape? 1

Slimming yoga postures

Many people wonder what are the yoga postures to lose weight once they start practicing this discipline. And  the figure that molds yoga is one of its main attractions for beginners.

Beyond meditating or quieting the mind while the person is sitting in the lotus position, there is a physical benefit : a more slender, flexible, toned body, and, therefore, a healthy organism.

It should be noted that, to get started in the practice of yoga, it is not necessary to have a certain figure or weigh little. All constitutions are welcome and everyone can achieve to exercise their body to improve their health.

How to lose weight through yoga

As time progresses and the person creates the habit of practicing yoga several times a week, the body becomes accustomed to the activity. The most immediate benefits are:

  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Increase in energy and vitality.
  • Improvement of sleep quality .
  • Psycho-emotional health.
    • Release of stress.
    • Better mood.
  • Pressure relief
    • Relaxation.

Now, how do you manage to lose weight through yoga? Very simple. Through the muscular tension exerted  in certain asanas or postures.

When a yoga posture is put into practice, the body is positioned in a certain way and remains that way for a short period of time (from seconds to minutes).

When the posture is sustained, the body remains in a state of tension, in which the muscles contract. 

In other words, yoga slimming poses are almost all of this discipline. However, the repetition of some can help us burn more fat .

To a greater or lesser extent, the maintenance of a posture, during a certain time, helps to burn fat, activate the muscles and tone the different areas of the body.

Of course, everything depends on the intensity with which the exercises are performed. In this sense, yoga teachers tend to increase, little by little, both the complexity and the duration of the positions. In this way, the body has the opportunity to get used to the effort and develop resistance.

Weight loss will be experienced progressively. It should be noted that this loss may occur more immediately (or not) depending on the  personal diet. Yoga, by itself, does not guarantee that the person achieves to lose weight if the practice is not accompanied with a healthy lifestyle.

The best slimming yoga postures

If you do not want or do not have time to attend a session in a yoga center, do not worry. You can exercise at home. You will only need 30 minutes a day (and a little peace and space). Remember: what counts is the quality of the exercise, not the space.

The main yoga postures to lose weight are the following:

1. Posture of the Cobra


This is one of the most effective slimming yoga postures, since it works several muscles simultaneously.

The posture of the cobra is very simple to carry out . You just have to lie face down on a mat and support the palms of your hands at shoulder height. Extend the arms to take off the torso from the ground. Take your head back.

You can keep your eyes open at a fixed point or close them. Take a deep breath several times. The important thing is that the back is always straight.

2. Warrior posture

This asana is practiced standing and strengthens the extremities.  One foot is placed forward and another one backwards. Flex the front knee slightly.

Support the tip of the back feet. Raise your arms above your head and put your palms together. Keep your back straight. 

3. Fish posture

 Fish posture

The position of the fish is basic in yoga . It helps a lot when we have the shoulders very “pulled forward” (by spending hours in front of the computer) or the neck sore.

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched together. Support the palms of the hands on the sides of the body (at the level of the thighs). Bring the torso back (accompanied by the head) until the elbows touch the ground.

The back will be somewhat curved. Hold this position for a few seconds and slowly return  to the initial position to not get dizzy.

4. Candle posture

Maybe this is a little more complicated but, like the fish’s posture, you can achieve it. With this posture you will increase the blood supply  to the brain, strengthen the legs and work the abdominals.

Lie on your back with your legs together and your arms at your sides. Lift your legs so they are perpendicular to the floor.

Bring the legs as far back as possible (the idea is that the tips of the feet touch the ground above the head). Hold the posture for a few seconds. Take a deep breath and come back slowly.

5. Willow posture


With this asana you will  tone your abs and promote balance. Stand with your back straight. Rest the left foot on the right knee. Raise your arms above your head so that your palms meet. Hold the posture for a few seconds.

6. Growing Posture

The growing posture  helps improve the metabolism and strengthens the muscles of the back and chest. To do it you must lie face down.

Then place your hands on the sides of the body. Take the tips of your feet with your hands and bring your head back. You will raise your chest slightly and you will take off the pelvis from the ground. Hold for a minute or two and come back slowly.

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