How to meditate without time

How to meditate without time 3

Darío article by Esteban Altamirano member of the Writers Program Silva Method Life

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Our modern life leaves us little time to devote to what we like and makes us well; from one moment to another run against the clock, with the agenda in hand, feeling that every day is a struggle to meet our obligations.

Stress feels and soon invades all spheres of our life, is not in labor, we feel it in everything we do, attacking until our moments of silence and rest.

And it is in these moments of silence when our mind runs wild from one idea to another without stopping, with thoughts nonsense, to the point of torture and take our few moments of peace do you it never happened that a tune is repeated in your mind unable to stop it?

Then what do we do?

Regular practice of meditation helps us to train our brain to generate a controlled state of consciousness, to the point that rain calms uncontrolled thoughts until we achieve inner silence.

Now what if we do not have time to meditate? It’s the more we need it! Then we try to find those moments.

How to meditate without long time?

We share some points to find time to meditate:

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1. Do not watch again and again the same television programs; If your favorite program is repeated, turn off the television and meditate.

2. Identify programs with negative messages, where everything is fight, violence, discussions, etc. Instead of wasting time with them, meditates.

3. If you are traveling on public transport stopped, focus your attention on the sounds around you, identifies one and follow him as long as possible, noting his changes of pitch and duration.

4. Anywhere you can find all the sounds in your environment, and focus on them.

5. If your thoughts are triggered when you’re working, you can regain control “telling” what you do mentally, as if you tell someone your every action with very short sentences, such as “grab the brush, by painting, I leave the can “, etc.

6. In any situation close your eyes, with closed eyelids look a little up, and displays a countdown from 10 to 1 or 25 to 1.

7. Stand still, defocusing your eyes and take a quick tour of your body, from head to toe, relaxing each part where you feel tension.

8. If you walk can count few hundred with every step the right foot, then continue to the left, and repeat as many times as necessary.

9. When washing dishes (or clothing) focus on the sounds thereof, or the texture of each. You can make a small high leaving utensils and mentally repeat the sensations.

10. At all times you can count your breaths: inhale one has two exhale, inhale three at the back, and continues in this way to ten and then start again.

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11. Even if you’re very tired, bedtime sit on the bed, with closed eyelids look a little up, do a countdown from 100 to 1 Counting every two seconds.

12. Before music, read a magazine or a book, do a countdown of 100 to 1 (are approximately 5 minutes of meditation can add more time meditation simply repeating the account or increasing the initial number of 200 or 300 to 1).

We have more moments to think that those who recognize; it is usually very easy to make excuses for what we do, and it’s a real effort to recognize that we have every chance to make our life really what we want.

The more time you devote to meditation, we will have faster and obvious results Seize every moment!

Here’s how to meditate without time and … How to meditate without knowing meditate? Discover it here.