Mind and Body Connection

Connection Body and Mind 3

Connecting Body and Mind

Is our mind capable of causing an improvement in our health, relieve and even heal diseases?

The answer is yes; has been researching for many years, hundreds of people have experienced firsthand and even science has shown evidence of this.

To achieve this it is essential to have a good body and mind connection , and absolutely everyone has that ability to awaken the power of healing that is our mind .

From the Silva Method we took many years helping millions of people to enhance the innate power of the mind, and now we want to help you to bring out the most from having a good connection body and mind that brings you to the life you deserve, and so you can live in harmony and have an iron constitution .



Connecting Body and Mind

Jose Silva , founder Silva Method believes 90% of diseases stem from the mind and, therefore, the same mind as the cause may also heal .

Without going any further thinking about stress: it is a product of the mind as a result of the rush, the thousand-do, the concerns, the continuous bombardment of information, pressures … And basically, the pace of life so hectic that we carry.

Worst of all is that between 80 and 90% of diseases are related to him; but there is good news: as the mind creates, can also heal them if you learn to awaken the natural ability to heal your mind.

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This is a step that many doctors do not count and many people ignore, but the truth is that this step is essential in holistic health.

More than 6 million people in 110 countries have taken this step to awaken the natural ability of healing of mind , and used it to handle major diseases and reduce ailments, while others use it to improve your overall health by working with their doctors.

That is precisely what we teach from the Body and Mind Connection Silva Method program where over more than 5 decades working with thousands of students have identified three essential requerimentos to have an effective connection that allows body and mind healing:

1) Learn to run on Alpha and Theta levels of mind.

2) Learn to use the power of imagination

3) Mastering the thought process DCE (desire, believe, hope)

And absolutely we are all trained to do.

5 Rules for Better Body and Mind Connection

Dr. William Braud, a close friend of Jose Silva, was one of the pioneers in researching the healing of body and mind.

After many experiments in the Science Foundation of Mind of San Antonio, he came up with what are known as ” the five rules of healing of body and mind “.

It is five fundamental to activate the healing power that has your mind steps, and are these:

1) The need for relaxation and quiet.

2) Learn to focus your attention on one thing (eg your breath) and to develop mental self – control and avoid distractions.

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3) Learn the technique of visualization or imagination since pictures are the preferred language of the mind.

4) Incorporate intention in the process, define an intention to mint you want to achieve and the expectation that it will.

5) evoke strong positive emotions º during the healing process.

Really, it’s amazing what you can do for your mind, your body and your soul to live with quality of life, health and well-being that we all deserve. And how important it is to note that you can achieve great results if you know how.

In the Course Connecting Body and Mind Silva Method you share step by step all the information and techniques that José Silva investigated for years, and we offer you absolutely everything you need (material, audio guides and exercises) to that already can begin to exploit the full potential that lurks in your mind to your body note the consequences.

Enter here to learn how to heal your body using the potential of your mind ‘