What is Silva Mind Body Connection?

What is Connection Body Mind Silva? 3

Connecting Body and Mind

Have you ever stopped to think how important it is to have a good balance and body and mind connection?

It is shown that people who are in good emotional health are more aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

And that is achieved by a perfect balance and complementarity between mind and body.

People with a good connection body and mind are better able to cope with stress and problems of everyday life.

But also they feel better about themselves and have healthier relationships.

And most importantly: with a good connection between body and mind you can heal various health problems .

He thinks we are prepared to live in perfect harmony and equilibrium constant.

Simply, our minds and our bodies are designed for this.

But however many things that happen in our lives can affect our emotional health and cause strong feelings of sadness, stress, anxiety and everything that entails.

In other words: everyday situations that affect you emotionally you end up taking its toll, for good or ill, physically .

And then we tell you why.

How emotions influence the connection between body and mind

A job layoff, suffering an illness or injury, divorce, having a baby, get a promotion, economic hardship, moving into a new house, look as a son leaves home …

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In our daily life there are many changes both good and bad that can be really stressful, especially the first few days.

When that happens your mind thinks, feels and acts. And your body responds to that way of thinking, feeling and acting.

Thus the mind and body connection is established.

But it goes much further: it affects your life, from your romantic relationships, your health, money and work. All. For better or worse.

But fortunately there are certain physical ailments that inform us whether our emotional health is unbalanced and therefore, if we need to strengthen and work our body and mind connection .

Examples include back pain, changes in appetite, chest pain, constipation or diarrhea, dry mouth, extreme fatigue, generalized aches and pains, headaches, hypertension, insomnia, dizziness, palpitations, sexual problems , difficulty breathing, torticollis, sweat, upset stomach or gain and weight loss.

All this tells us that we have a perfect balance between body and mind.

But all that imbalance that occurs between body and mind can bring even more serious consequences.

Basically, when your emotional health is poor that can weaken the immune system, making you more likely to get colds and other infections during emotionally difficult times.

Also, when you suffer from stress, anxiety or are enojadao, you should not neglect your health.

Therefore we recommend that the sooner you take into account what your mind and your body tells you and thus strengthen the connection that will lead to welfare states that will make make your life where you always wanted to be.

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