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Thai massage: indications and contraindications

Thai massage: indications and contraindications 7

Thai massage – a unique recovery system developed by about two and a half thousand years ago. Anyway, that’s how the Thais claim, saying that the founder began to massage Jivaka Kumar Bhachchu, who lived before our era. If Europe is considered the founder of medicine, Hippocrates, is revered in Thailand is Jivaka Kumar Bhachchu – sage, physician and friend of the Buddha himself. Thai massage affects not only the body itself, but also affects the overall energy of the body. According to the canons of Thai medicine, in our body through special channels circulating life energy that determines overall health. The disease occurs at a time when disturbed natural circulation of energy, and therefore the Thai massage primarily aims at restoring the normal operation of the body’s energy channels. Session with the patient in the real masters of Thai massage is more like a meditation from the Buddhist spiritual practice, as directed to restore overall harmony between the patient and the outside world.

Thai massage techniques are very diverse and represent different combinations of pressing, twisting and stretching. The main method – pressing, which is to stimulate the body’s energy channels; twisting and stretching of muscles aimed at. Thai massage eliminates sharp movements and too strong pressing, everything is done in a soft and smooth rhythm. The main tool in the work of the masseur with the patient are the hands, feet, thumbs, sometimes – knees and elbows. As with any method of treatment, Thai massage system has its indications and contraindications for use.

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Thai massage: indications and contraindications 8

When useful Thai massage?

Chronic fatigue and general fatigue
Thai massage is excellent to improve the overall health of the body. Effective techniques that affect not only the body but also on the energy of the body, help restore well-being and relieve fatigue. Particularly useful sessions are for people who spend a lot of time working in the office sitting at a computer, or examining the various documents. Thai massage will allow them to raise the tone of the body to restore normal blood circulation in the body, effectively relieve muscle spasms.

Chronic headaches
Many people constantly suffer from chronic headaches. Of course, in such cases it is better for a complete examination and determine the cause of pain. If the headaches are caused by vascular spasm or a pinched nerve in the cervical spine, the Thai massage is very effective. Special tricks aimed at the shoulder muscles, cervical spine and head, will allow you to forget about the headaches.

Sleep disorders, depression,
Thai massage, which is a system of complex effects on the body, will significantly improve overall health in various sleep disorders and mood. In various nervous system disorders Thai massage can affect the overall health as a good sedative. Even after one session you will feel much better – there will be courage, a sense of dramatic tidal forces and good mood, will significantly improve muscle tone and skin, increase flexibility in the joints. High-quality Thai massage conducted by a skilled technician will give you a sense of rejuvenation, and you really will feel as if dropped a few years and become more energetic.

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We must also bear in mind that with all the efficiency of Thai massage, there are times when it is better to refrain from sessions.

Thai massage: indications and contraindications 9


Aggravation of various chronic diseases
At exacerbations and, especially acute attacks of chronic disease is absolutely contraindicated to take Thai massage. Massage also contraindicated in cases where the patient has a high fever or are wound with suppuration or severe inflammation. In addition, Thai massage can not accept people who have recently had surgery, – must first restore overall health.

Mental disorders
can not do Thai massage for people with severe mental or nervous disorders. Massages can cause inadequate reaction of the patient, which can cause not only acute aggression, but also aggravate the mental condition of the patient.

is forbidden to make Thai massage during pregnancy, especially in the first half of the period. Various methods of exposure on the body can provoke strong contractions of the uterus, which may lead to early miscarriage or childbirth.

Chronic diseases in advanced stages
there are also some diseases in which it is impossible to take a Thai massage, especially in cases when the disease is at a stage above the initial. It is impossible to massage with serious violations of the cardiovascular system, rheumatism complicated with inflammation of the joints. It is also contraindicated in Thai massage in skin or cancer.

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