Create a good habit for your wellbeing mindfulness

Create a good habit for your welfare mindfulness

When you start a good habit that will allow you to develop a sustained action towards your well-being it is very important to make the decision and hold time


A habit is not created for the overnight. It takes time, perseverance and serenity in action.


I remember the first time I came to sit on a meditation cushion , and that more than 15 years ago, I was not able to hold five minutes without moving. That seemed like a real blunder.

Today, a “sitting” minimum is 20 minutes, but typically be half an hour and, occasionally, I usually do two seated followed by half an hour or longer than about 45 minutes.

Not all are equal, nor are all wonderful, and all the same is true … they simply are “sitting meditation”. Personal change is coming over time.

To reach that point, as in any situation of our daily life, you need to create a habit that sustained over time, become more action that becomes part of your everyday life. Like do not do anything special to brush your teeth or wash up in the morning, you end up holding as normal habit of sit and meditate.

The first thing to do when starting a process of creating a habit, it is very well decide what you want to do. It is the proposal of habit and will be the trigger for you to start one ‘s own actions that will lead you to hold it .

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21 days is a key habit that you set out, it becomes a normalization of your action and remain embedded in your daily life date. 40 days is the period of strengthening that habit and will remain in you.


It is what we learn to perform in both programs you can do (if you have not already) or repeat the experience (never hurts) from Plenacción.

Both AGENDA 21 , as in the Program 40 and its staff to achieve an integrative deepening map of your life PROGRAM LIVE NOW , we get the sense of life is seated mindfulness in our daily lives.

Well, the habit should carry during that time a clear routine that you do not have to stop doing any of those 21 days and intensify other 40. At the end of that period, the habit and will be a standard in your day action day.

In this case I speak of normalization of the act of sitting meditation practice to find the path of serenity in your day to day life and mindfulness, but you can do with any habit that you propose.

Therefore, to create a healthy habit, first you have to find is the trigger that will make you begin to exercise appropriate actions that will lead to success. Then settle a daily routine that you meet every day.

Throughout this process, we will implement these actions in your daily life and will serve also to raise self – esteem without it a engolamiento your ego . Simply the quiet satisfaction of knowing that you have complied with yourself and, of course, are perfectly capable of carrying out your own challenges.

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I propose the habit of practicing meditation, but also to carry out a mindfulness life, and what you can do to stop smoking, become aware of feed with health and respect, get to finish a study or start exercising.

No matter the habit it. What I propose is out of the “comfort zone” in which sometimes we settled, thinking that there is nothing to change in our lives.

Take charge of your own and decides to establish any changes you think necessary in your life. Start your habit and focus on the here and now during these 21 and 40 – day reinforcement and you’ve achieved.

You know … you discover that what is extraordinary in the everyday.


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