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How to Transform the Image You Have of Yourself


Let’s answer the question “How people inside?”

Most people feel very isolated, completely isolated. But they are not, part absolutely everyone and everything. You might ask yourself, “Am I part of the street?” “I’m part of the bird I hear every day through my window?” Or “was also part of a death row inmate?”. Hard to believe this when we only use a mental approach, we see beyond. If people see that way everything is connected, you would see how wonderful they really are. They would also see that there is no need to hide or lie, and it is possible to talk to anyone without sarcasm, without hypocrisy, without exaggeration, and none of these methods to conceal the truth.

-From the film Powder

Do you know someone who behaves that way? This is our context in which we are living now. Seen a picture of planet earth, it is a very strange and peculiar place, a place inhabited by beings called humans. And these people think that everything that happens is because of what surrounds them believe that what they feel has external cause, and at the same time are trying to change external causes they perceive that they are living. Can you see how impossible this situation?

Every person you see on the street has its own emotions, your own thoughts, and somehow or another are trying to change them, many try to become people of peace, people who are not affected by what someone tells you, in conclusion, seek be happy. What happens is that we use thoughts that do not produce happiness.

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Transforming the image you have of yourself


We are in a disjointed condition, trying to make a change in a united way, but that is impossible if you still want to be separated from everything and everyone. We want to create real change, then that means that any external event occurs, it will be part of that change. That is, that whatever happens outside, you’ll have inner peace, retain your happiness.

In our consciousness, there are 2 patterns of thought, which are:

1. I want to feel happy.

2. I want that to
go outside.

But the thought of “I want that to go outside” does not make us happy. So why bet instead of thinking “I want that to go outside,” not committed to our desire to be happy ?. In this world always we find something to correct, and never be at peace, but what we have come to create here is peace. So how I can be at peace and create peace if I’m with the exhausting task of trying to correct everything that gives me no peace ?. The answer is, I can not.

We still have this moment, this space, and this consciousness, through which we can create new things and make new decisions. But instead, we are deciding that emotions and thoughts that I experience are much more valuable than my life purpose.

Transforming the image you have of yourself
Christian Schloe box

Your purpose of life is to be happy, it is to do what puts a smile on the lips. I can be aware of what happens around me, my thoughts about what’s going on, or can be focused on my purpose in being happy. Then my opinions will have no power over me, have no value, if I decide.

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Have you noticed that you are a slave to what you think in this world? If you think “this is a disaster”, you will experience the effects of your thinking, and your mind will automatically seek out responsible. Of course, wanting to be at peace and be happy, it sounds funny, is not it? And when you find the person responsible, you will project all your thoughts and feelings about that person, and then they will be happy and be at peace. But let me tell you just believe that these alone, but it will be a lie. You’ll still equally at the expense of what you think and at the expense of what you feel.

We all have recurring thoughts right? think something repeatedly during the day, most of these recurring thoughts are negative. How is it that you think a thought in your mind, and you can not stop thinking about it? A thought can not think of itself inside your head, it makes no sense, but we see it as normal.

Transforming the image you have of yourself
Photo HumansOfNewYork.com

What if I show you a picture of a child? You’d think nice things about him right ?, but what if I told you that picture the boy called Adolf Hitler? Your thoughts suddenly changed, and perhaps would cease to feel love and sympathy for that child, your heart is closed right ?. But who decides that? it is you who does.

Who decides to stop loving? you, and what happens when you stop loving? You suffer. Because when you stop loving you do not feel what you are, when you stop loving you do not know who you are, and then live in ignorance. When you feel that lock in your heart and you begin to reject something, like the photo of the child, awareness and creator of my world, I am doing what the child does, or what you refuse, are rejecting life. What you do is judge you as a good person, and judge the other as a bad person, why? because my moral so, my morality is the product that we created from what we have learned.

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We are not supporting what Hitler did, but learning to open our hearts beyond what we normally believed. This world can not show you any reason at all why I decided to stop being myself, why I choose to stop loving and stop loving me. The change begins when we start to take charge 100% of our experience, only ourselves.

If you started to take care of your own thoughts and emotions, and stop looking outside its causes, you would be aware of who you are, serious aware of what you feel and your thoughts. Therefore, you could transform what you think, and to transform it, you would find true peace and joy.

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