Vipassana meditation and mindfulness. Live without suffering

Vipassana meditation and mindfulness.  Deepening techniques.

Vipassana meditation is insight meditation.


Vipassana meditation is the practice of mindfulness as noted by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana in this book “Beyond mindfulness. An introductory guide to the deeper states of meditation “ and is an indispensable complement of the book ” The Book of Mindfulness “ by the same author; a Buddhist monk, doctor of philosophy at the American University and founder of the Bhavana Society in Hugh Wiew, West Virginia, and has the grandeur of doing, through his texts, simple depth of a subject like the present one.

Meditators and meditators help bring the practice of mindfulness through vipassana meditation a step further by opening the entrance to the states of deep meditation.


Speaking of the vipsasana meditation , mindfulness refers to “as a safety net that protects us from unwholesome actions. Mindfulness gives you time, time gives you the choice and the right choice gives you freedom. You do not have to get carried away by your feelings. Then you look not driven by habit and reactivity and can respond more kind and understanding way. “

“Beyond mindfulness. An introduction to the deeper states of meditation “guide. Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. Editorial Kairos

At this point, you have worked since the constancy through Vipassana meditation and mindfulness , but without the rush we are used to and accustomed to time to get some goal.

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With a clearly Buddhist root (although I want to make it very clear that practicing vipassana meditation and mindfulness or mindfulness, you do not have to profess any religion, like if you practice yoga, for example) Bhante takes us by the hand to discover states “jhanas”.

In short, the book is a guide to these states that can be achieved through meditation deep concentration and are undoubtedly a means of liberation from suffering to which it is subjected human beings, due to an error in interpretation of reality.

Vipassana meditation

mindfulness meditation to vipassana

These jhanas are beyond ordinary conceptual mind, and that is something that from the Vipassana meditation is easy to understand.

Reach jhanas , and see and will practice along this interesting book, “it is to go beyond thought, beyond sensory perception and beyond our dependence on emotions.”

The book is divided into 14 chapters focusing on practice and explanation of the different jhanas and a glossary of very appropriate terms to understand some ideas and a final section with some recommended for anyone who wants to expand knowledge readings, although, as in all kinds of meditation, and of course in Vipassana meditation or attention, practice is the basis for the work of inner transformation.

As essential for the correct reading of this book base, may I recommend that either you read before “The Book of mindfulness” or you’ve already practiced some form of meditation, especially Vipassana meditation or meditation mindfulness or you’ve done some internship program mindfulness as PROGRAM 40 or PROGRAM NOW LIVE . This will help Savar a better match to reading this book.

Ultimately, both “The Book of mindfulness” and “Beyond the mindfulness” , written in an extremely simple and illuminating way, become two real manual to work from Vipassana meditation and from the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, very useful when starting a genuine process of inner transformation that leads to liberation from suffering and another way of seeing and living life.

As I like to tell those who conduct a workshop with me or impart a seminar, you will not hallucinating, you’re not going to freak out, you’re not going to levitate, but you’re going to feel very sublime way today and from this moment, you take new charge of your own life to be yourself or same and exercise the right as an individual to hold both physically and emotionally full and healthy life.

Worth starting the road or keep working on it. You will not regret it, I assure you. And if you want to learn to meditate, here I leave an interesting link: MEDITATION IN HOUSE AND ZAFUTÓN ZAFU

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