Serenity. 10 Steps to Achieve Effective mindfulness it.

Serenity.  10 steps to achieve effective mindfulness.

Who does not seek serenity in your day to day ?. In this post I want to tell 10 steps you must take to achieve it. The base, as always, a good mindfulness work for your everyday life.


Serenity as the basis for a simple life. Good use of mindfulness or mindfulness.


So simple and easy. These are the 10 steps I propose to find the serenity you deserve. It is a job that you may seem complicated, but not impossible. You can, ‘Clearly you can !!

1. Become aware of the present moment.

Settling in the here and now for the encounter with serenity is basic. The practice of mindfulness or full attention will be very beneficial. Our mind is always moving between past and future and rarely sits in the here and now where life really runs. Get to it is critical to move towards serenity

2. Accept that your age is what it is, period.

Another major trouble is not live without serenity to accept the age that you have and therefore limitations sometimes occur. You take your time you seek great benefits because you can focus on things that before or imagined . Do not translate your time in years, translates your time in hours that will remain to live. Okay, one year is 365 days. But you know you have available 8760 hours ?, Can you imagine how many things you can do with good management of your time?

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For the good acceptance of your age and if you have well exceeded the mythical 40, here I leave two good book recommendations that you will like.



wise women




3. Discover new customs and habits.

Do not lock yourself or what you know or what they usually do. A good option is to leave your comfort zone. The discovery of new and simple ways is a good way to serenity. Realize that you are useful. Discover new habits.

Here is a good invitation to make good use of your time.


4. Enjoy the miniplaceres.

On the way to serenity, it is essential to focus on those small pleasures that do not even cost money. It is felt that dwell in the present moment and to realize everything that is around you. And in your “about” I assure you find those precise and precious miniplaceres.

5. Learning to live with pain and unhappiness to change

Never trust who tell you that happiness and permanent state of happiness exists. In life there is also pain, but suffering is optional.

Pain may appear there at any time and he must, sometimes, remain for our own transformation. Not only the emotional pain but also physical pain.

Here is a good recommendation to work with the pain.

Pain treatment




Serenity. 10 effective mindfulness steps to achieve it. 3


6. Touch to be.

Use your 5 senses. In this life we live so fast, do not pay attention to our senses. We see without seeing, without recognizing touch, smell without knowing, we heard because we believe that hearing is sufuiciente and we forget that taste just gobble and quickly.

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Pay close attention to what you discover and learn at all times through your 5 senses. Serenity will take you to discover them .

7. Expand your network.

Do not let the speed with which you build walls live. From the serenity you can expand your network of friends, knowledge, books, music, movies.

Open your range of possibilities.

8. Know and starts adventures

Or settle for what you know, and you’re always remembering what you’ve done so far. The acquisition of new knowledge is essential for a life of serenity. Started in new adventures is essential to avoid falling into monotony and mismanagement of your time.

9. Travel, even at the corner of your house

You have to leave the comfort zone. You can not stay in immobility thinking that you know everything and that there is nothing to do, feel or live. When you practice mindfulness or mindfulness, you realize that even in the corner of your own street there is life.

If you like photography (you can try with your own phone) I recommend that you go to take a walk around your house and from the walk calmly and slowly let go. Take pictures of what most catches your attention. You will realize that theremuch to discover.

10. Buy yourself a cushion.

Nothing that I mentioned you on these points that take you to serenity if not with the commitment to practice and continuous work.

One of the best ways to start is by practicing meditation. To do this you will not need anything from another world or paradise or the best hotel in the world. Just a cushion and your own home. Here I leave you how.

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Mindfulness course online for free

Allow me one last recommendation. If you subscribe to Plenacción you have an introductory seminar Free Mindfulness and also I recommend this great adventure for the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness that will take the path of serenity.

A trip to the present moment through mindfulness practices 80 days online integrated into your daily life.

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