Formal practices of mindfulness. Everyday life

formal mindfulness practices.  Everyday life.

Formal mindfulness practices are nothing but mindfulness in everyday life formalized in a fixed time to perform them.


If you want to develop a mindfulness life, you go filling your “toolbox” of actions that are going to become what is known as the formal practices of mindfulness, just as we did in the post on informal practices. In short, it is to bring attention to everyday life from the here and now, but setting a fixed time to do them.


I spoke in a previous post of informal practices and now, of course , have to talk a little formal mindfulness practices. They are the ones that hold your presence in the present moment over that time fixed in advance and then impact the day. They will raise your attention.

The practice of mindfulness or mindfulness is a way of life, but they are not an end in itself. It is a set of tools that you learn every day and go holding your attention, especially in the first steps toward that mindfulness life of which I speak.

In the special edition of the online program you can see from clicking on the link below, you can make a journey instantly present through more than 80 informal practices of mindfulness and a battery of formal mindfulness practices.

learn to practice mindfulness

Learning to practice mindfulness with 40 PROGRAM AND PROGRAM LIVE NOW

We spent the day inhabiting on autopilot mode, we let ourselves be carried away by the great wave of activities that have become our daily life and hardly have time to proceed to situate from other points of view where it is most important to be the being or doing, and do not say nothing having.

Through formal mindfulness practices, you find, every day, a gap of time to become aware of making these practices. Meditation, sitting on a cushion and feel, take breathing for a while at least 15 or 20 minutes, it is one of the fundamental formal mindfulness practices.

You can learn to meditate at home entering the following link


Meditations to stop the noise of the mind here and now

Meditate, listen to the silence or attend phases of breathing, are some of the formal practices of mindfulness we develop in the online shop mindfulness practices 40 + PROGRAM PROGRAM NOW LIVE.

In short, if you’re willing to not let carried away by this wave of acceleration of time, reduce stress and anxiety in your everyday life and sustain a better relationship with time , please enter the path mindfulness.

Your body, your mind and ultimately, your health and well-being they deserve. So through formal and informal practices of mindfulness, you will be able to learn to sustain a new relationship with your space and life that inhabit it does not run once in the here and now.

Another way of being, doing, having and BE is possible and in your hand is the decision to advance your personal and professional development through the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness.

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