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Massage of the “third eye” in Indian

Massage of the "third eye" in Indian 3

Massage of the third eye – or Shirodhara – one of the most unusual and pleasant ayurvedic treatments. It lies in the fact that in the area of ​​the middle of the forehead (third eye) on top of the cup pour oil warmed to a comfortable temperature. This massage has beneficial effects on the entire body, from the nervous system and finishing smoothing facial wrinkles.

Sacred meaning Shirodhara treatments lies in the fact that due to the impact of a special blend of oils on the chakras and the opening of the “third eye” restored the human energy field, and offset by the negative impact of the outside world. third eye, the cult has ancient roots. In many Eastern beliefs of this unusual body – a mandatory accessory of the gods. He let the gods see the whole backstory of the universe, the future, free to look into all corners of the universe. Image of the third eye on the forehead of deities often found in the paintings and sculptures of Buddhist temples.

Shirodhara combines Indian massage techniques to the impact of falling drops of special aromatic oils. This procedure has beneficial effects on the entire body. “Third eye” area has a strong stimulating effect on the brain centers that produce a substance as serotonin – a chemical that causes a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. It also releases the energy in thin channels, located along the spine, helping to calm and clear mind.

The main components of oil are Sirodhara sesame seed oil (sesame oil), sweet almond oil, sunflower and canola oils. Comp cooking oil mixture are selected individually depending on the psycho-physiological type of person. At that time, as oil is poured on the forehead, deeply relaxes the nervous system. brain waves become calm and ordered. Once the brain quiets down, meal (channels) pranavaha (energy body) and monovaha (emotional body) begin to carry prana, oxygen and other essential nutrients to the brain. When the brain is under stress, then the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid is difficult. In this state of stress the brain’s ability to activate receptors responsible for mood stabilization, by means of respective conductors nerve, it is extremely limited. When the brain calms and meals (channels) are activated, the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and significantly improved permeability to these receptors, stabilizing mood is much increased.

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The beneficial effect of Shirodhara:

  • relieves headaches
  • It relieves stress, fatigue, anxiety, stress
  • It regulates blood pressure
  • relieves insomnia
  • It slows down the aging process
  • controls vata (air) in the body
  • improves eyesight

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