Interconnected Global Society Life in the here and now

Interconnected.  Life in the global society here and now

“Interconnected”. Open up to life in a global society. Urgyen Trinley Dorje (XVII Karampa Editorial Kairos


Interconnected because we are not independent. Yes, we are perfectly interconnected with life wherever you look. It is not the future, it is the here and now and you can not escape. Fortunately.


Interconnected . It is is the key concept in this globalized world.

Life in the XXI century is no longer isolation even if you pretend.


You are perfectly interconnected, but how we have always been. The problem is that we have not been fully aware of it.


Now is the time to take charge and realize that today, as has always happened, you live in an interconnected world “by the family, the community or the common humanity”.

When you think of a monk or someone who dedicates his life to the encounter with spirituality and much more if it is a leader of the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism Karma Kagyu you think is a retired all being. Nothing further without you immerse yourself in this essential book of Urgyen Trinley Dorje perfectly connected with today.

He also author of “The noble heart. Changing the world from the inside out “, it shows us interconnected, the ability to be aware of is interconnected and how, in a second step, we modify our behavior to improve our use, for example,” resource natural, so that we can become agents of ethical and social change on a global scale. “

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I mentioned in many of my post in plenacción, that the approach to our inner spirituality is a deep connection to life that leads us to realize that there are other ways of being present in the here and now that lead us to put a grain of sand towards a better world.

Urgyen in interconnected leads with a clear and concise language to address such pressing issues today as “consumerism, loneliness, animal rights, confidence in oneself or the power of compassion”

The book is divided into three parts which are each a space of intimate work to realize that interconnectedness with everything and life, but also after labor camps for our “realize”.

See the connection, feel the connection and live connection to work our openness to life in this global society that we live.


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