Mindfulness meditation to live from the heart

Mindfulness meditation to live heart

If you ask for serving mindfulness meditation, hand of Alvaro Gomez you will discover, among other things, to live heart. We are in the midst of a world in crisis, and that speaks Alvaro in this article. His book “Living Heart” I recommend, and the power of social networks, have made me discover a “good guy” who is dedicated, as I try, with humility and simplicity, convince those of us they hear that another way of living is possible and necessary.

When I talk to invite others to participate in the project Plenacción sometimes tell me that I open doors to “competition” and then I know I’m on the right track, since I am convinced that the days of “all mine” is they have completed and passed the competition to coopetition. Delighted to have Alvaro Gomez that you can follow in  http://www.alvarogomez.org/  . Here is his article on mindfulness meditation, mindfulness and crisis:


It seems that we are facing an economic crisis, but in reality we are facing a human crisis. What happens now is we are feeling the consequences of this humanitarian crisis on the economic side.

The way we live is not working, but not by the economic system, is by how we live as human beings. We are beings who experience human life, trying to fit into a society ruled by economic experience, and that does not work. It is like a dog trying to make the life of a cat, but will try not work.

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Is still looking for a human crisis economic (value way of living, orientation) solutions, but these economical solutions and are working, or work.

Economic solutions to human problems are very old and have been reaffirmed through the years. With each economic crisis they appear the same solutions, whatever political color they are. It seems incredible that, in view of these crises are repeated over and over again, governments do not wonder why throughout history these solutions have not worked. For the truth, no matter how incredible it may seem, it is that they do not ask; So we need, almost desperately, we ask it.

The practice of Mindfulness brings us back to the basics and connects us with the most human in us. Our challenge is not to improve the risk premium but to improve the quality of our connection with ourselves, develop our attention, and our ability to be in the present moment, realizing the rivers of thoughts that go through our heads and letting them be. Through education, we need to develop these skills in younger, so they can leave the incessant stream of thought that leads to fear. (It’s because we fear devastating economic solutions to human problems)

Our society is sick, as would the dog pretending to be a cat. We can not live healthy acting against what we feel. We were not born to be economic beings who have financial experience gains and losses, we were born to be human and have human experiences ever lead us to an internal freer life and externally.

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A wonderful promise of practice, and integration of Mindfulness in our lives is personal peace. Being at peace with oneself, as I said Thomas Merton , we can lead to social peace.

But how can there be peace if the model social life is to try to have more than the other and pass him at the expense of whatever?

Ours is a way of life dehumanized and we are seeing the alienating consequences it produces.

The first thing we can do to solve the crisis and leave our children a place to live a meaningful life is to live attentive. This is something that might seem secondary, a life choice for weirdos, but it is actually something that is becoming a necessity for survival.

We need to abandon what is not for us and live mindfully, practice and bring it to our daily lives, then share it.

We need to live an experience that goes beyond living in fear, which is what this economic society proposes.

There are many schools practice of Mindfulness. If you read the wonderful book by Ramiro Calle (Vipassana Meditation, Kairos 2007 ) you will see how many different schools there, and above all, most importantly, see that the practice of the AP no roads, no proper technique it is not a closed space. There are teachers who recommend sitting down to practice, others refuse to do so, others recommend physical sensations as support for our attention, others breathing, etc.

It is said that Mindfulness has a first phase in which the practice seeks mental calm, but some believe that this is not true practice; but the second phase, in which one no longer places its attention on any particular space, but leaves it open and see what comes to it, is the truth Mindfulness.

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An already late master, A. Buddhadasa mentioned in the book (see book: Mindfulness with Breath, 2010 ), which states that through mindfulness of breathing can reach the AP. This shows us that there are different ways to different people, and that the practice of PA is an open road.

The thing is to see what fits you, what practical feel like your own, and what time and time is best for you. As they say, the best meditation for you is what you do.

Mindfulness need to set us on the path of humanity. From here I ask that however little, do whatever is in your hand for that change to happen to the human. Please do not tell me: “What can you do to change the world, it is impossible.” Life results not ask us, ask us to act and that’s enough. Humanize ourselves and see where we can make a positive impact.

Ramiro Calle says what all teachers, who over the years has consulted agree, is to practice mindfulness. Each one wants and can, taking us loose minutes during the day or by sitting in longer sessions, but practicing. Make a conscious effort to improve our quality of life inside.

Already said the wise: The social change begins want to see for myself.

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