Yoga sequence to energize your body When you wake up

A few days ago he promised in the Online Conference offered on Yoga at home, a sequence of yoga postures that help you energize your body to wake up. I struggled a little work, not knowing what was the best way to “introduce you .” I first tried a pdf, but I really saw myself in the sequence from the computer, and I was uncomfortable being down with the scroll bar to see what would be the next posture.

Until finally, “I turned on the light bulb ,
” and I remembered a page that I have used before to follow any sequence, and has been useful to me, so based on that idea, I created the sequence today I bring. In addition, I have sent my mobile, and I followed this morning, and has been very comfortable!

As this is the first I do, all my photos, and with this new idea, I’d love you to tell me if you find yourself too comfortable to follow, or if you have any suggestions on future occasions, to make it better.

With this sequence I share with you today, your body will be filled with energy, calm your mind, and your soul will feel peace. The union of all this will have a nice day and you face every step consciously and lovingly. At least it works for me as well????

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Thank you in advance, and here I leave the sequence, and also some tips. To view larger image, click on it.

I leave first few tips that I shared at the conference, more extended, and soon publish an article to this topic

Tips to start your yoga practice at home

  1. Set your intention
  2. Devote the time needed
  3. Be gentle with yourself
  4. Keep a journal of your practice
  5. Stay present and notes
  6. Be aware of your breath
  7. just relax
  8. meditates

Yoga sequence to energize your body to wake up

  • Time in each position : The time in each position depends mainly on how you feel in it. Anyway, so you have a guide, I mention that if you want to do this sequence in 15-30 min, you can make a row positions simply by the slow transitions between each of ellas.En case you want one more section long, then you can follow these tips:

    – Repeat the first sequence very slowly (are 5 times), without pausing between postures.

    – In the rest of the sequences, you can be from 30 seconds to 1.30minutos in each posture.
    In the sequences it is in the middle, like up and down the floor from the position of the seal or Cobra, you can do so without pause, but I recommend at the end of repetition, make the appropriate pause.

  • Remember to do the sequence with both sides of the body
  • Do not forget to combine with breathing exercises . Whenever your body open, inhale, and when closed, breathe out.
  • In addition to this sequence, you can include in your practice another of the recommendations made at the Conference of yoga at home, when I talked about how to structure your own class. If you see for example, you want to do some inverted poses at the end of the sequence, or some breathing exercises, you can do it. Feel free to make your practice-and enjoy your time!

(Remember that by clicking on the photo you will see actual size)

yoga at home
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Have you been this sequence helpful? When you practice at home, tell me how it went, how did you feel in the morning, after having spent this time for you. And remember, if you have any suggestions on how to display sequences also leave a comment.

Thank you very much for everything!

A big hug for you