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This article will I write from the heart: he gives me, I write.

The title is only one way to move something inside, I have not gone mad ????

There is no way to practice yoga, love. There is no method. There is no teacher. Each person who decides to transmit this ancestral practice comes to him in a different way to do that is none other than you have to get to it. Each person who is open to receive the teachings as a student, you get a teacher who is none other than the one that has to come. That does not mean you stay there. “If you do not like where you are, move, you’re not a tree.” At least we know what is not. You have to keep passing and staying very alert teachers that appear.

And although that tool that you came to serve on the path of self-knowledge itself (as a teacher, books, videos, written on a blog …) you like, but connect, you do not close either. Remains alert, because the teacher is where you least expect it.

In the classes we give a friend and yoga for children, there is a girl about 14 years wonderfully happy and always moving. Still does postures slowly, just accompanies the movement with breathing and compared to the rest of the class. And in the final relaxation will sleep tight and does not accept that he fell asleep, “I was thinking!” – Protest ????

Is there something wrong with all that?
Of course not! It is a girl who has received just a couple of yoga classes, and 14 years of living in a society that promotes competitiveness, the rush, the mental noise.

I tell you this because I feel like she has been for me a teacher. It was like a sign that I have to continue working on a teaching simply deepen the principles of Yoga, which go hand in hand love and discipline without guilt or violence. It’s like the universe told me: “Do not settle in, it continues every day and watching you watching what is happening around you. Life is a laboratory to grow, take it as a great teacher. “

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That’s why my classes flowing between the following points which I share below.

My keys to a yoga class

1- Love to yourself and to others

There is no word out of my mouth that is not filled with love. Every proposal I bring to class, I offer from that place in the depths of my being where there is freedom and beauty. Never forgetting that every moment counts for me, and for people who are sharing that place and that time to me.

Do not lose sight that I also have moments that I do not like, I’m not always happy.
But in every class I enter a world of no-thought, in a world where Being vibrated at its best, where I connect in some way with each of the beings that are there and there is a transformation. When you love what you do and you become aware that everything happens for a reason , it is easier to connect with the frequency of Love, and let the fears and problems aside. It will be time to address them . When I enter class is a sacred moment and honor peace passing on to my students.

Open yourself to the Love that you transmit your guides. Feel it. And enjoy that space where you connect with the Love in you, love for yourself, which is what will then convey to those around you.


(In the photo, one of the events we do throughout Spain, in a high frequency vibration of Love)

2- Consciousness

By starting with practice, close your eyes and breathe calmly. Then ask how you are, how you feel, what about your body, your mind. Watch yourself, know yourself, do yourself that gift. And then makes your practice depending on your current mental and emotional state. Adapt your practice adapts posture, yoga suits you, here and now.

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At all times we are different, and every situation require different things from a yoga class. Listen to your body, accept, and always do the right effort. Do not let the ego ruin that wonderful moment where you are with yourself, on that trip you have chosen to go. If you have to stop, stop and enjoy this moment of relaxation. If you have to do less in a position, in one breath, if you have to change your position as you meditate, do it, feet consciously, knowing that each adaptation being beneficial to you. It is a loving attitude, benevolence and understanding towards yourself. Be aware and enjoy it.

3- comfort and attention in the postures

You see, each point is related between yes, if everything is the same! ????

In Patanjali Yoga Sutras of asana (yoga postures) it is described as the combination of two important qualities: sukha, which is the ability to stay comfortably in posture, and sthira, which is firmly and alert.

If we, for example, sitting with crossed legs and ankles hurt us, then he will not be present sukha, because you’re not comfortable, but not sthira, because you’ll be thinking of the pain, instead of being alert. Therefore, as in the previous point, I advise you to always listen to your body. If there is a position in which you are not comfortable, do less, do something simpler. For me the difference between a beginner and do not beginner is more difficult postures, but, among other things, to be comfortable and alert at every position that we make. For this we must accept ourselves as we are.

4- Respiration

If while practicing postures feel pain, you will see how affects breathing. Yoga should never hurt and breathing reminds us. If on the other hand, our mind is distracted by some thought, some task done or any idea or project, we also lose control of breathing.

Always be aware of your breathing, that bridge between body and mind, between the inside and outside of your body.

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Note that the body, breath and movement have to go together, united, so that we are practicing yoga.

5- meditation

When you practice yoga, when you eat, when you dance, when you work, when you are with your children, when you love, when you sit down to schedule a project; if you’re really there, you’re meditating. And this I call living consciously.

But if your mind goes, this does not mean you’ve stopped meditating. If you see that the mind is not blank, it does not mean that you’re not meditating. Whenever you stay alert, you have the intention that without fighting, without making an effort meditation, bring with kindness and love your mind to the present moment, then continue to live consciously.

The mind does sometimes play passes to go to the past with all its cargo to the future with all the fears and insecurities. But if you’re looking sooner or later you will realize that there is nothing other than the Here and Now. The rest is illusion of the mind and can do much harm.

In yoga classes is a great to experience, to practice meditation sitting, lying, or active during the postures opportunity. The regularity will bring awareness to bring this lifestyle off the mat and not just the duration of your class. But be patient. No rush. No place to get than yourself. Meditation is a resource that will help you in this journey into your being.

And who am I to tell you all this?

Well, I’m also just a tool. I’m just someone who humbly offers some clues from my own experience. I’m just someone who invites you to experience for yourself, because the real teacher is within.

My classes are simple, do not think you will find “something from another world.” Love and consciousness , I think it would be a good summary of them. If at any point we can agree on some of the Yoga Retreats and Human Development organized will be a great joy to share with you.

A hug of light and love,