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Kundalini: the breath of fire

Breath of Fire – this is one of the basic techniques of breathing used in
Kundalini Yoga . It can be performed in a variety of poses. Fire breathing has many positive effects. It is very important to master this breath to be able to perform it very accurately. You need to master this breath so that it was possible to perform it automatically.

1. Breath of Fire – it is very fast, rhythmic and continuous breathing without pauses between inhalation and exhalation.
The duration of inspiratory-expiratory equal duration.

2. Breath of Fire is always done through the nose with the mouth closed.

3. Breathing Fire – a diaphragm respiration (i.e. working diaphragm)

If you learn how to perform fire breathing properly, you will not have any problems during this Pranayama: Breath of Fire, you can perform an unlimited time without any discomfort.

Breath of Fire comes from the navel center: exhale air forcefully pushed out through your nose and breath happens automatically (if the pump diaphragm quickly).
You should not draw a deep belly.


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