A Cherry Tree on the Balcony

A cherry on the balcony.

“A Cerezo on the balcony. Zen practice in the city. ” Laia Monserrat. Editorial Kairos.

Many and “brainy” are the books that I’ll inviting to read from this window-Library where good books bring to live, learn and learn. Many bulky some, but others, like today I bring this to the virtual shelves of BiblioMind, not reduced pages, less importante.Un Cerezo on the balcony you will like it for its simplicity and proximity.

Browsing the shelves of your favorite bookstore or Editorial, always appears as if by chance a little gem and in my case a few months ago was the discovery of “A cherry on the balcony” Laia Monserrat.

Fortunately within a very common theme in any medium library, someone to take the practice of Zen to comparative everyday to enjoy a little cherry on the balcony of-the author- someone living in a big city, it is a precious moment magical.

Just 100 pages of a picture book Delicate Jordi Cots to invite the reader to start the practice of Zen as the path to the present moment; to discover, as I say from plenacción, the important thing is to find that extraordinary, is always in everyday life.

To practice Zen, as we pointed out the author in the development of the book reads almost a “sitting”, but remains in the mouth, like good wine, for a long time, do Monasterios missing or large withdrawals, but rather the pleasant presence of a roommate like a cherry tree that you have given and lives on the balcony of your house in the middle of the big city, to enjoy the present moment present in everyday acts as scrubbing or go on the bus to your work.

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In this pleasant hundred pages, Laia makes us a tour of the fundamental principles of Zen, from the position, the attitude in breathing and practice in daily life.

“Living in the present moment is to accept that life lives through me. Life lives me. I am living for Life. This means positioned very differently from the usual way is to accept the unacceptable: I do not control everything. “

Invitations to reflection, like this that I wrote in the previous paragraph, you truffled with nice practices, it makes this psychologist, psychotherapist and business consultant with over 30 years of Zen practice, offers you an interesting book, the opportunity to head out to an ancient practice that appears today as one of the lifelines to hold above a surfboard, on a crazy world walking running too fast.

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A cherry on the balcony

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