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Which is better for weight loss, yoga or going to the gym?

Which is better for weight loss, yoga or going to the gym? 3

Yoga to lose weight

Yoga can be practiced for its benefits in a global approach (balance of body and mind) or with a particular objective:

  • back yoga or yoga and sleep ,
  • yoga to lose weight or yoga of the eyes .

Do you really need to lose weight?

There are several types of “roundness”:

  • those that we imagine because our mirror does not return us the sculpted body that we see in the models of magazines,
  • those that we really have too much.

Which is better for weight loss, yoga or going to the gym? 4


Overweight: according to the body mass index

What matters is to have a good BMI (Body Mass Index). It is therefore this result that will determine if your weight is normal for your height or if you are overweight. If you do not know where you are, it is best to ask your doctor before starting a diet.

If you really have 1 or 2 extra pounds, you just need a healthy diet, a little exercise and patience to see his little extra kilo disappear. Yoga is here for that …

Different possible causes of overweight: consult your doctor

Overweight can have different causes from one person to another:

  • a diet too rich (too sweet and too rich in fat),
  • the stress,
  • a lack of physical exercise and too sedentary life.

If you have trouble perceiving the origin of your overweight, a medical report can help you.

Lose weight: the important place of sport … and yoga

Yoga is a good way to build muscles when you do not need to change your diet, but only to do more exercises.

Some people will prefer to practice a new sport (eg swimming) in order to lose weight. In this case too, yoga can be very useful because:

  • it allows to warm the muscles before the effort,
  • he is learning to breathe properly.
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Yoga to lose weight: actions of yoga on morphology

Yoga has a role on the silhouette, provided you practice regularly. It allows:

  • to smoothly muscling the whole body and toning it,
  • to gain flexibility,
  • to breathe better and thus to facilitate the elimination of the toxins lodged in the tissues,
  • to fight against the stress that can cause some people to be overweight.

Whatever yoga practice you choose, you will quickly find that by practicing 2 to 3 sessions per week, you will harmonize and tone your figure.

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