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What Three Core Exercises Should I Do Every Day To Strengthen My Back And Prevent Lower Back Pain

What Three Core Exercises Should I Do Every Day To Strengthen My Back And Prevent Lower Back Pain 1

Yoga exercises are great for stretching your muscles, fighting back pain after a tiring day of work, study or inadequate posture. These exercises are easy to do and can be done at home with some caution.

If back pain worsens with any of these movements, it is recommended not to do the exercise and try to relax lying belly up under a firm surface.

To relieve back pain, this sequence of exercises should be done at least once a week, holding each position for approximately 10 breaths. Check out Yoga exercises here:

Exercise 1

Yoga Exercises for Back Pain


 Sitting on your heels, lower your body toward the floor by stretching your arms forward to stretch your back. Hold this position for 15 seconds.

Exercise 2

Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

 Sitting with your legs bent try to touch the back of your hands in each other, as the picture shows. The progression of the exercise is to touch the palms of both hands in this same position.

Exercise 3

Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

 Sitting with your legs extended, bend one knee and move the foot over the other leg, leaving the sole of the foot on the floor. Then, with the spine aligned, rotate the body to the side of the bent leg, supporting with the hand close to the hip, as the picture shows, while breathing deeply.

Exercise 4

Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

Pull your legs apart and bend your body forward, placing one hand on the floor and raising the other arm as shown.

These exercises improve the elasticity of the muscles, the range of movements and the oxygenation of the whole body, and can be performed by individuals of all ages.Ideally, Yoga exercises should be performed in a Yoga center with a teacher so that the movements are performed perfectly, avoiding pains, contractures and worsening of symptoms related to spinal changes.

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The Yoga instructor should be informed about the characteristic of back pain and if there are other associated symptoms such as burning sensation or tingling in some part of the body and which movements increase or decrease the pain to be able to adapt the exercises to their needs.

Benefits of Back Stretching

  • Helps improve body posture
  • Strengthens back and abdominal muscles
  • completely relaxes the tired spine
  • Good way to warm up the body before practicing other yoga postures
  • Helps open the lungs so they can be used at full capacity

How to avoid back pain?

  • Distribute your weight on both legs
  • Practice yoga postures regularly
  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Practice breathing techniques to energize the system
  • Strengthen back muscles by lengthening them

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