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Doing yoga is never too late: yoga for those over 50

Doing yoga is never too late: yoga for those over 50 3

“The young, the elderly, the sick and weak – everyone can turn to yoga and to benefit freely,” – Hatha Yoga
-Pradipika », I, 64. Aging – is not a sentence. Each of us is exposed to this phenomenon. But if you have already reached the age of 50 years, then you definitely need to start taking care of their health care and protect your body, and then you will live the rest of life without senile diseases in a good mood.

No long been considered the practice of yoga, where you learn to “be tied up in knots.”
Rather, yoga teaches us to relax, get a charge of vivacity, improve their health. In middle and old age it is very important to maintain muscle tone and flexibility of the body. Says
Sri BKS Iyengar : “Old age begins when we lose the mobility of the joints.” The soft movements and yoga exercises gradually makes the body flexible and toned muscles, bones strong. Yoga classes can be used as a very powerful tool to overcome many of the negative effects associated with both the body and the psyche. In addition to the energy and good health, yoga can give and spiritual support. Old age is characterized by the fact that the strength of the processes of tissue destruction prevails over the force of the regeneration process, the bones become more fragile, body stiffness. Often it promotes the appearance of feelings of helplessness. Practicing yoga in the elderly is easy to overcome this illness.

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However, in old age yoga practice should be gentle, so as not to cause more harm to the body.
Elderly encouraged to attend therapeutic classes or special classes for the elderly. However, the concept of the elderly relative. Someone in the 40 years feels helpless and the sick, and someone in 70 years looks brightly and cheerfully. Therefore, to 70 years to be healthy and vigorous to be doing yoga.

Asanas are useful for the elderly

Undoubtedly, the elderly need to do more standing poses as strengthening and stretching the leg muscles helps prevent many age-related problems associated with the loss of elasticity of the muscles and blood vessels.
Perform regular
Tadasanu , Utthita Trikonasanu , Utthita Parshvakonasana , Prasarita Padottanasana , Virabhadrasana II of .

Just tilt sitting and standing will help restore the mobility of the spine (
Uttanasana , Janu Sirshasana , Adho Mukha Shvanasana ). The slopes sure to compensate for deflections ( Shalabhasana , Makarasana ). But we should be careful during deflections, try to use the auxiliary materials (Bolster, chairs). Light twist to “revive” the spine and help maintain hormonal balance.

It is not necessary to reduce all activity to stretching.
The elongate the spine and joints disclosed preserve acquired freedom only if they are in position to keep the muscles. Strengthen your abdominal muscles, arms, thighs, buttocks, thoracic spine. This will help you keep your posture, and thus the normal blood supply to all internal organs. That is why, people who play sports, keep fit and active into old age.

What not to do yoga on the elderly

Before the training you need to consult a doctor and inform the instructor of all chronic diseases and ailments.
This will help avoid some serious errors. In old age, should be extremely careful in the classroom. If 20-30 years student can partly compensate for the errors of the teacher’s health, then this opportunity he does not have in 50-60 years.

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In old age, it is not recommended to get up on the head, especially those who have high blood pressure.
If you set a goal, you, of course, reach the level when standing on your head will bring you a favor, without damaging the neck. But it is better not to accelerate this process.

It is worth carefully perform
Salamba Sarvangasanu and Halasanu because This asana is very traumatic for the neck. By the age of 50 is not very active life, most people back becomes quite ossified. Bend it so that the rack on the blades of the body weight is strictly on the area between the shoulders, almost impossible. Most often, the entire weight of the body, pushed back his hands, falls on his neck, causing on the one hand a strong tension between the vertebrae, and on the other – a strong contraction. As a result, “healing” inverted posture facilitates the work of the heart, but it hurts the neck.

It is not necessary to perform strong twisting and serious backbends.
It can do more harm than good in the beginning.

Older yogi and yogini as an example to follow

I would like to talk about the visibility of a yogi who dedicated their lives to yoga, and who, despite his age, I feel great.

BKS Iyengar, ’94

Founder of
Iyengar Yoga .   BKS Iyengar has taught and practiced yoga for over 75 years and is considered one of the most outstanding contemporary yoga masters in the world.

Tao Porchon Lynch ’93

Tao practicing yoga for more than 70 years, and teaches – for the past 45 years.
And still, this amazing woman says that “it is still a beginner in yoga and every day learning something new.”

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Eleanor Wilhelm, ’91

Eleanor began to develop its first asanas in 87 years.
And now we can say that this beautiful woman – eloquent proof that start practicing yoga – never too late.

Faith Paley ’91

The current yoga instructor from Florida, USA.
Practicing yoga for 50 years, 30 of which – teaching. Currently she is practicing yoga with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Here is what belief about the case of his life: “I am convinced that I am in the right place. Yoga for me – it is not just physical exercise. It is the breath of life and daily meditation. “

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