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3 asanas of yoga for a beautiful face oval

It’s no secret that with age, the skin loses its elasticity, the cheeks fall down, lost facial contours.
An important role in this process is played by the force of gravity: the facial muscles become flabby and slide slowly down.
Yoga can offer great asanas that have the power to perform even a novice, and which help tighten oval face.

It is easy to guess that these asanas will be directed to “fight” with the force of gravity.

Adho Mukha Shvanasana

Asana , which advanced yogis relax. Pose means “face of a dog down.” Asana promotes additional flow of blood to the head, which speeds up the delivery of nutrients skin of the face and a more rapid conclusion of the decay products. You can make cosmetic face mask and stand in such asana. The mask will work better, the skin will get more nutrients. In addition, asana tightens facial contours, prevents the formation of flews as changing the direction of gravity with respect to parts of the face.


Action asanas similar to the previous one: a rush of blood and a change of direction of the force of gravity with respect to parts of the face.
However, in this posture easier to relax the neck and lower jaw, which in everyday life is often stressful and inhibit relaxation of the facial muscles.

Prasarita Padottanasana

Similar to the previous asana, when the posture is enhanced blood flow to the face, the skin gets extra food, a person is pulled by the force of gravity.


Yoga Face

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Postisometric relaxation of the facial muscles

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