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What yoga posture reverses ageing?

The practice of yoga is the perfection of mind, body and spirit. Therefore, the benefit of such physical exertion should be multiplied by 3. Meditation relaxes and relieves stress, clears thoughts. Regular execution of asanas normalizes blood pressure, prevents heart disease, helps the body cope with depression and insomnia. In addition, it develops flexibility, strengthens muscles and increases endurance.

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What yoga posture reverses ageing? 15


And when more wrinkles appear on the face, yoga can slow the aging process. Is not this the dream of all women? So, let’s try to learn 6 asanas for the youth of the body.

Yoga for Beginners

  1. Pose of the goddess
    Stand straight, legs wider than shoulders, toes extended to the outside. Lower the pelvis low and bend the knees so that they are above the ankles. Raise your hands, and then lower your shoulders and close your hands in front of your chest. The elbows should be flush with the knees. In this asana, do 3 deep breathing cycles.What yoga posture reverses ageing? 16
  2. Stance of the stool
    Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Inhale, raise your hands up, and on exhalation bend your legs as if you sit on a chair. Stop pressing to the floor. Keep your knees over your toes, and your back and arms form a straight line. The press is strained, and the shoulders are relaxed. Hold in this position for 3 respiratory cycles.What yoga posture reverses ageing? 17
  3. Back strap
    Sit on the mat, straighten your legs and lean on your hands. Pull the body in a straight line. Place your hands so that they are at the same level with your shoulders. Hold in this position for 15-60 seconds and slowly lower the case.What yoga posture reverses ageing? 18
  4. Pose of staff on four legs
    Stand at the point of lying, then, pressing your elbows to the body, go down. The body must be parallel to the floor. Cut straight, leaning on 4 points. Stay in this asana for as long as your physical fitness allows.What yoga posture reverses ageing? 19
  5. Pose fish
    Lie on your back, legs straighten, place your hands with your hands down and place under your thighs. Lean on the log, take a breath and bend over in the back. Do not tear your head from the floor, breathe deeply. Take into account that when properly executed, the legs and the lower part of the trunk are relaxed. Exiting the asana, first lift the head and gently lower it, then release your hands.What yoga posture reverses ageing? 20
  6. Pose onion
    Lie on your stomach, bend your knees. At the same time raise the head and upper part of the body, the view is directed forward. Hold your arms around your ankles from the outside. Tear off the hips from the floor and stretch like an onion. In this asana, do 7 cycles of breathing. Gently drop to the floor.What yoga posture reverses ageing? 21
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In the morning this complex will help the body to wake up and cheer up, and in the evening the asanas will remove fatigue and tension. Perhaps at first it will be difficult for you to master all the poses, but if you practice yoga regularly, then your body will experience positive changes.

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