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Is there any advantage in Meditation?

Is there any advantage in Meditation? 3

Advantages of meditation

Meditation is your way to freedom from constant whining of thoughts and anxieties to inner strength, calmness, a feeling of bliss, to the highest levels of meditation – spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Meditation is even more than a way to relax for the body. It plays an important role in religions and spiritual techniques, but in reality it is not tied to any religion. It has been practiced all over the world from ancient times to our days. The desire to go beyond the physical form, to find a real spirit and the connection between mankind, the world and the creator, has always been great.

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Is there any advantage in Meditation? 4



There are many methods and forms of meditation, and it is practiced for different purposes, for gaining tranquility, spiritual growth and awakening, for rest, health, success, development of mental and internal abilities. Meditation calms the body and mind, reduces stress and anxiety, normalizes blood pressure and heals the body. It improves the work of the mind, fosters concentration and enhances intuition. The constant practice of meditation reduces the flow of restless thoughts into the mind, brings peace of mind, joy, bliss and enlightenment.

For meditation to have its impact, it is necessary to practice it every day, at least once, two, and at least 15 minutes, beginners can practice meditation and 10 minutes a day.

There are two main types of meditation. One – requires focusing on some activity, an example can be the process of breathing, a specific object, a mental image, words or thoughts, another kind of inner silence, inner concentration or even emptiness. The second of the given forms of meditation can be realized only after there is any significant experience in the first.

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A few tips and advice on meditation:

1. It is important to meditate every day.

2. Positive attitude, patience and openness, will be of great help to you.

3. It is better to give up meditation if you are tired.

4. Find a secluded place.

5. Sit in a comfortable position, with your back straight.

6. Take a few slow, deep breaths.

7. Pay attention to something good in your memory, enjoy thinking about it for a few minutes.

8. Think for some time about the benefits of meditation, how both will help strengthen your concentration, calm the mind, relieve stress and tension.

9. Tell yourself that all your thoughts now stop, and stop worrying your mind.

10. Meditate calmly, but very carefully. The more focused your attention, the easier it is for you to cope with the flow of thoughts and other distractions.

11. Start with something simple: pay attention to the breath and ignore all incoming thoughts. Think of some inspirational quote.

Advantages of meditation












Regular meditation calms anxiety in the mind and reduces the amount of distracting thoughts, resulting in a feeling of inner peace and relaxation. And also, the inner world grows, the ability to concentrate and concentration of attention improves.

Thanks to a calm mind, you make fewer mistakes, find more solutions, become more patient and tolerant. This, in turn, improves relationships with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

On this, the benefits of meditation do not end. Regular practice enhances the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. The mind becomes more and more calm, the number of worries, anxieties, fears and negative thoughts decreases, which leads to a feeling of complete happiness.

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Often, stress and tension are something natural from our point of view, they are the result of poor health or other problems. But, the state of stress and tension can be weakened, thanks to regular meditations. If the mind is in the world, many problems simply disappear, while others become easy to solve.

Unruly mind takes every thought, and spends its time and energy on useless or negative thoughts. He also often aggravates all problems. Disciplined and prepared mind contributes to a gradual weakening of this trend, or even to its disappearance.

One day, you will be able to see changes in behavior and attitudes, as well as, the way of thinking. The mind becomes more positive and learns to react more constructively, patiently and calmly in various situations of daily life, in communicating with people, in solving problems, tasks and goals. Actions become positive and effective, focused and satisfying.

The benefits of meditation are manifested at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Some of them appear quite quickly, while others take some time. It depends on the time spent on practice, the level of sincerity and concentration, as well as on the inner maturity of the meditating person. It is not enough just to meditate once a week or once every few days. Regular daily practice is required to achieve results.

Next, some of the benefits that meditation offers will be described. They are based on observations of people and research scientists:

Physical benefits of meditation:

  1. Deep level of relaxation.
  2. A deep rest, accompanied by a reduction in the rate of metabolism and a decrease in heart rate.
  3. Decrease in high blood pressure.
  4. Increased airflow into the lungs.
  5. Increase the level of energy.
  6. Reducing muscular tension.
  7. Easier falling asleep and a quiet sleep.
  8. Improving the state of the immune system.
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Mental and emotional benefits of Meditation:

  1. Reduction of restless thinking.
  2. Increase the ability to remain calm in any situation.
  3. More creativity.
  4. Reduced anxiety.
  5. Reducing the tendency to worry.
  6. Decreased depression.
  7. Reduced nervousness, irritability, gloominess and gloom.
  8. Increase self-confidence.
  9. Increased concentration of attention.
  10. Improving self-discipline.
  11. Improved learning and memory abilities.
  12. Increased sense of vitality.
  13. Strengthening the sense of happiness.
  14. Great emotional stability.
  15. Developed intuition.

Spiritual advantages of meditation:

  1. Calm down.
  2. Emotional and mental balance.
  3. Raising awareness of yourself.
  4. Ability to look beyond the body, mind and personality.
  5. The discovery of power and consciousness beyond the ego.
  6. The discovery of the true beginning.
  7. Achievement of self-realization and spiritual awakening.

The practice of meditation can give many benefits, and it is possible that some of these benefits have been missed in this list, besides, it is to some extent individual for each person.

Whatever you do , meditations or other practices, sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that all problems with health, energy, destiny, karma, relationships, etc. have their roots at once on several levels – physical, psychological and mental. Many practices, exercises and medicine help only for a while, because Do not work with the causes of imbalance, trouble, poor health. There is a technique that works not only with the root causes and roots of all problems, but also carrying out work at all levels.

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