Relieve stress without pills. The experience of Oscar.

Oscar, a friend of the family MindYoga4U wrote to me for this session Share your way , commenting a little life he had been leading before joining this community and begin to experience what here has learned (thanks to all !). I share with you their story, and also 5 habits you’ve incorporated that have made his life has gone from P to P. That is, of Pellets Peace ????

Thank you, Oscar!

Stress used to govern my life. It was like a dictator, and I did what he told me to do. My sense of consciousness was practically nonexistent despite using various techniques to try to control it.

I was taking pills like candy, and could not function without caffeine to wake up, she came to doze and pills to calm. There were days I could not get out of bed, I could not move because he was paralyzed by anxiety.

about 6 months ago and almost reached the limit because I had just moved somewhere else worked too, my mother was not well and I was in a relationship ends.

I remember going to the doctor because I could not think what else to do, and that doctor is that you must, first, my change of life. The doctor told me to practice yoga for a few months and then passed me. I know it seems unreal but it was.

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Then I started looking on the Internet, because he had just heard of yoga and that came to your page, naylin. Thereafter and history began to change. I looked for a yoga center and I started reading all your blog, Facebook and follow you as you say, to experience for myself what I thought I could use.

Since I know that many people want to share what you read is what changed my life, in short as “conscious habits,” as you call them in your book A light for you which was also a helpful tool.

Relieve stress 5 conscious habits
Relieve stress without pills

Relieve stress without pills. My experience

1. I began to think.

I realized that my perception of the outside world is a reflection of what is happening inside me. With meditation little by little I calmed my mind. At first I felt ridiculous. But I’m very disciplined, so I was forced to sit 10 minutes, I know it’s not ideal but it was what worked for me at first. There I was testing with the meditations that you share, until now I feel good, comfortable and peaceful to sit at home, quiet, in the chair facing the courtyard.

2. I started practicing yoga

I tell you that I had no idea what yoga was. I thought it was kind of stretching exercise for flexible people. But with everything I have read, and mainly, with all that I have experienced, I can feel that connection body mind both calm me.

3. I changed my diet.

I learned to watch what I ate, and realize all the junk food I was eating every day. This was difficult for me to change it, because I live alone, though occasionally my mother or my partner cooked. I stressed out just thinking about going to stop eating hamburgers because for me it was easy and fast. But I realized that with minimal effort I can prepare things in healthier home and now buy a lot of vegetables and not a day I do not eat a salad plate.

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4. I learned to concentrate.

This is some of the things I did suffer. In your blog you call living in the present, I like to call him concentrate on what I’m doing. Meditation helped me think about that a lot. I managed the tasks previously took me one hour now do almost half the time, because I really focus on what I’m doing. Of course occasionally I will clip and start thinking about a lot of things, but now I realize that achievement! And then I go back to concentrate on what I’m doing.

5. I made for my leisure time.

As I said earlier, my job is one of the things that stressed me. Or I stressed out me! The truth is that in recent times had not left much room for myself, and to enjoy nature. With what I liked to walk when I was younger. But I have already taken up. Almost every day road an hour and that relaxes me because I concentrate on what I’m seeing, trying to enjoy everything and that negative thoughts and concerns come to mind.

I think I’ve extended naylin. Sorry if it has been. But I know that my experience can serve other people. My advice is to do like me, who experience it all and stay with what works.

A kiss and a hug for you, and thank you very much for allowing me to help others through this session.